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Communities designed to give you the space you need to grow. Our open coworking office spaces are built to boost the people who do more, to do more: to innovate more, collaborate more, live more, in each area.

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Manor House

An area very close to our hearts (it’s where it all began). Nestled in the centre of a creative warehouse community, existing alongside clothing...


A modern, warm, inviting, and inspiring office space carved from the bones of an old design agency office in popular Hoxton, East London.


Situated in the heart of Beaufort Park, Areaworks Colindale is opening soon.

Why Areaworks?

Us Lot

Our team is here making it all run smoothly – we’re always up for a cuppa and a laugh.

Meeting Cube

A room kitted out with everything you’d expect to get down to business.

Print It

Really good print, photocopying and scanning facilities.

Lectures & Meet Ups

Workshops, thought-leader visits and networking events in our flexible space.

Break Out

A bunch of comfy, cosy plant filled spots to work and relax in.

High Speed Secure Internet

The Wi-Fi is really good – super fast and secure – that kind of thing is important.

What’s possible?

There’s more to our coworking spaces than just a desk, we’re all about creating communities that encourage you, teach you a thing or two and keep you feeling good as you do it.


We’re proud to host regular meet ups for the go-getters in our areas, inviting innovators, creators, entrepreneurs and freelancers into the mix.


Coaching to grow your business, skill-sharing to boost your imagination, workshops to open up new possibilities.


We invite in thought-leaders, change-makers, movers and shakers to keep us thinking bigger.


It’s not all work and no play, we love a good get together, wine and cheese, film nights, painting and creating, and you’re invited.

What our coworkers say about us

'I continue to be amazed at the great value the Manor House Areaworks hub provides. There's a great chance to meet others who work in related fields. And that's handy for sharing ideas, potential collaborations... or just for a moan.I can't believe I waited so long to move my office from home to somewhere like Areaworks.'

Rich Haylock, Writer

‘I went to Areaworks Manor House. The viewing was done by Silvia. It was informative and yet informal and friendly. Space was great and I signed a contract right away. I am working there now and it's been great.’

Bhagya, Architectural designer

‘All the Areaworks locations are brand new, the space is equipped with everything you might need while still retaining a very chill vibe. Never had any problems with the Wifi and the pricing is great compared to other co-working spaces in similar locations. Great and responsive staff too!’

Romas Dangelevicius, Head of Operations, Shake and Stir

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