3 Lessons We Can Learn From Coworking Spaces

1. Design matters

Each coworking space has a specific vibe designed to please its members and have a positive impact on their businesses (which you can read more about here). Whether it’s loft-like spaces with brick walls, colourful decoration or rustic woodwork, a lot of effort is put into the design of a coworking space so everybody can feel comfortable and at home.

It’s been proven that working in a visually pleasing environment increases the sense of belonging as well as productivity. Indeed, if someone is going to spend most of their day in a certain space, they need to feel like it’s a positive place to be.

So in order to increase productivity and creativity, we recommend that you find a collaborative space that is tailored to you. Whether that be working somewhere that’s bright with lot’s of natural light, has a mix of open-plan and quiet collaborative workspaces designed to cater to the task at hand, or lounge areas such as sofas or kitchen space to relax, socialise and network and some active areas including foosball or ping pong tables. Oh, and plants. Loads of them! If you’re lucky enough to work in one of our Areaworks spaces – we’ve got all of these elements so no need to compromise!

2. A livelier environment

Following the advice above would guarantee you a visually pleasing workspace. But at the end of the day, as nice as it is, a space is “just a space”, and even though it’s important to be in a space that enhances creativity, productivity and networking, there’s more to it than just the layout.

Coworking spaces have proven over the years that the community plays a very big part in the way people thrive in their workplace. A space that hosts regular events (whether it’s social events or networking), will enhance the sense of belonging members have to the community, and therefore help you and your staff engage more, with the business or with each other. Moreover, focusing on mindfulness-oriented activities increases members’ general wellbeing.

In each of our Areaworks spaces, we regularly host events such as the Areaworks Bake Off, weekly potlucks, yoga and meditation sessions, as well as a range of social events. There really is something for everyone!

3. Boost productivity and creativity

There is something to learn from the trust found within coworking communities. Indeed, we can assume that remote employees who work in a coworking space are trusted by their employer to perform to the best of their ability without being watched. Research has indicated that one of the reasons why remote employees are said to thrive more in coworking spaces is because they feel trusted and valued.

And the end of the day, it’s been proven that coworking works a great deal to enhance employees’ productivity, creativity and wellbeing. So why not consider making coworking a real option as part of the company’s strategy? Indeed, spending time away from the office can help spark new ideas, improve the employees’ network and help them connect.

If all this sounds like something you’d be interested in, book a tour of any of our Areaworks spaces. With so many benefits, it could be exactly what yourself and your team need. 

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