3 Types of Events To Enhance Your Coworking Community

A reason why many people now choose to work from a coworking space instead of renting a traditional office or working from home is because not only do you get a solid Wi-Fi connection, a truckload of coffee and a great space to work in, but you also get an amazing sense of community; a group of people from different walks of life, sharing a space with the same goal, to work hard and achieve a better work-life balance. And one of the main reasons why coworking spaces are more than just a bunch of desks and a coffee machine is the events that take place!

More than coworkers

Community events are a great way to build relationships amongst members. Indeed, by getting together, you share more than just a workspace. As easy and beneficial as the small talk over the coffee machine can be, events help members to connect on a whole other level. Given the chance, you can get to know each other better and talk about things other than work or today’s weather (and we all know how much we love to talk about the weather)! Ultimately, as a result of building relationships in a coworking space, you may find your new best friend or future work collaboration.

And coworking space events can benefit more than just current members if they are open to the public. These events can give non-members a taste of what your coworking community is all about and ultimately, may help them find their new dream workspace!

Last but not least, coworking space events can benefit the local community or generally more people outside the space itself. Getting the locality involved can help build relationships beyond the workspace, and by organising events related to a local charity or humanitarian work, for example, you can benefit numerous people as well as giving members a sense of pride about where they work.

Food for thought

A great event to get the ball rolling amongst members is community meals. After all, nothing brings people together more than food. Weekly office breakfasts, coffee and tea breaks, community bake-off or potluck lunchtimes are just a few of the events that we hold in our Areaworks spaces. When food is involved – everyone is happy!

Mellow Mondays

In a coworking space filled with ambitious, likeminded people, it’s easy to lose yourself in work and forget about being present in the moment and embracing the community. Mindful activities in coworking spaces are always a winner. 15-minute meditation sessions over lunch time are a good way to start. Just pick a meditation playlist on Spotify or use guided meditation apps such as Calm or Headspace to find your inner zen. This is an amazing way to add a bit more mindfulness to a normal day’s work and to just simply take a break and relax. We hold weekly meditation in our Hackney space and weekly yoga classes in our Colindale branch, helping all our members’ to be more mindful and really achieve a work-life balance.

More than just an event

Finally, events that not only benefit members but also other people are hugely popular in our coworking spaces. These can range from talks and workshops to charity drives and everything in between. Doing good for others is always a great way to bring people together.

If there is one sure thing, it’s the fact that gathering people around any sort of event makes coworking spaces what they are. In our Areaworks spaces, we tailor our events to suit our members to ensure they get as much out of their coworking space, making them an even more enjoyable place to be, helping them grow and achieve more.

If you would like to view one of our coworking spaces and the amazing events that we have to offer, book a tour at a time that suits you and we can show you around.

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