4 Ways Coworking Interior Design Can Boost your Productivity

Matt Deighton is the Managing Director of Timeless Chesterfields, so he knows a lot about creating comfortable, stylish and functioning interiors. We enlisted his expertise to explain how the elements of a shared office space can boost productivity and encourage collaboration.

Interior design can have a big impact on your productivity. Research published in The Stoddart Review found that workers who had a well-designed office space with aspects such as relaxation areas, refreshment stations, and good décor were more satisfied working there. So, being in a pleasant environment can boost your happiness and, if it’s designed right, can even improve your creativity, concentration and overall productivity.

Modern coworking offices (like our Areaworks spaces) are becoming increasingly popular thanks to more people becoming freelancers and increased demand from large corporations. And, due to the nature of a coworking office space, it means they tend to be a lot more flexible with their décor.

Whether you’re hot-desking or working in a more permanent location, your office space could be doing more for your productivity than you realise. Below, we go through the key things in an office space that encourage productivity and collaboration.

Layout Is key for focus

The best thing about shared workspaces is that they’re usually open-plan, which is great for encouraging collaboration as you’re usually sitting with a whole mix of people from different industries and all walks of life. And, if you’re hot-desking, the people you’re surrounded by can change each day, allowing you to connect with different people on a daily basis. If your work is fast-paced and relies on constant collaboration and creativity, open-plan office spaces with plenty of areas to gather as a group are ideal.

If you work individually or your daily task requires some added focus, offices that are split into separate zones are perfect. This way, you get into the right frame of mind for the task at hand. Our Areaworks spaces have quiet areas for when people want to work alone or plenty of meeting rooms for those important phone calls or team collaborations.

Different seating options to match your working style

No day is ever the same. Some days you might want to sit at a desk and focus, some you might need to spread your work out across a table, and others you might feel like you’ll work better relaxing on a sofa. Having the right space to work in can help you focus and can boost your productivity. So, make sure that you move about throughout the day; a change of scenery can really help you to get those creative juices flowing!

Relaxation spaces can improve decision-making

Although you might feel like you’ve got a lot of work to do, working flat out without taking any breaks could have a negative impact on your productivity. Your daily tasks require a lot of brain power and working for long periods of time can affect your decision-making abilities.

Interestingly, a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that judges gradually granted parole sentences less throughout the day. It’s thought that the longer the judges worked, the more likely they were to stick to the safest option for sentencing.

Taking frequent breaks throughout the day can help you take your mind off your work and help you make better and more creative decisions when you come back to it. So, having an office with an area that you can retire to for lunch or for a coffee break can help you to succeed. Comfortable sofas and armchairs, a cafe area or kitchen can also boost collaboration, as you can engage with the other members of your coworking space who you might not usually see!

Well-made furniture is great for productivity

You’ll probably be spending a lot of time in your shared office space, so the furniture needs to be durable and comfortable too. Cheap, badly made seating can lead to discomfort and back and neck pain, which can hinder your productivity and focus, and could even cause more long-term musculoskeletal problems. So, make sure to choose an office that has comfortable furniture, such as sofas and ergonomic and adjustable chairs that are made from quality materials, like leather, wool, and cotton, all of which can help you stay happy and work harder.

Coworking spaces are great for encouraging collaboration between like-minded people and businesses. At Areaworks, we have all these aspects, so you can ensure your working environment will boost your productivity and creativity. If you want to come and see one of our spaces, book a tour and we can show you around! 

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