5 Coworking Technology Must-Haves in a Shared Workspace

Nothing holds you up when you’re working like tech problems. A dodgy internet connection, a grumpy printer, or something as simple as not having access to enough plug sockets for everything you need, can disrupt the flow of your day and take your focus away from where it should be. It’s one of the reasons that working from home isn’t always ideal. Technology that is good enough for downtime is suddenly not quite up to scratch when it comes to working.

If you’ve ever worked in an old office where the technological needs of the workers have outgrown the workspace, you will understand the frustrations of trying to manage the sub-par tech. Whether you love a chance to out-geek your colleagues or simply want things to work so you can get on with whatever it is you’d rather do, you can’t avoid the need for decent tech.

A good coworking space offers technology that works. But what about going beyond that to create an experience you can actually enjoy? A great coworking space offers technology that transforms your working experience to make you more productive while helping you enjoy your day more.

Choosing a coworking space that beats the competition can be tricky (check out our blog on how to identify the best coworking spaces in London). If you want the best coworking space, you’ve got to take into consideration the technology available. The right look and a buzzing atmosphere are fab, and we’re all about the community, but we know the magic can’t happen if the technology isn’t there to support it.

So, check out the following key coworking technology considerations before signing up.

1. Printing

If there’s one thing that drives people crazy in any office, it’s a temperamental printer. Or a printer so old that you’ve got to wait forever for it to print. Or, waiting because everyone is printing at once. It might also be due to the printer not working at all and you’re waiting for the tech guy to fix it. Basically, waiting + printing = losing the will to live.

Reliable printing facilities are crucial in any coworking space. Whatever your business, being able to scan and print to a professional standard helps you do your thing, with no unexpected delays, costs or issues. It should be as simple as pushing a button. This doesn’t just make your day flow better; it makes you look more professional to clients too.

Tip – When you’re checking out a coworking space, always ask about printing facilities and check if they’re up-to-date, extensive enough to cater to the size of the office and if it’s included in the price.

2. Wi-Fi

It’s a no-brainer. The Wi-Fi needs to be nothing short of awesome. This means fast, efficient and reliable. A secure connection that doesn’t fluctuate, drop off unexpectedly or leave you vulnerable. Home Internet speeds are not always enough to sustain everything you need to do at work, and if something goes wrong, you can end up out of pocket and struggling to catch up.

The best shared workspaces will back up a great internet connection with professional IT support, always on hand to help solve any issues that arise. So even if the unexpected does happen, you can rest assured that it will be sorted ASAP.

Tip – When you visit a potential space, try to chat with the community already using the coworking space you are considering. If the internet connection isn’t good enough, they’ll be sure to tell you! Ask about IT support and security too.

3. Audio Technology

Whether you like to soak up the office atmosphere, block out the world or indulge your own dodgy taste in music while you work, audio tech is an important consideration. Sound quality matters; whether you are listening, working on audio or video content creation or making calls to clients or collaborators. A great sound system and headphones are vital.

Being able to switch off from the world around you whenever you want to is an important part of what makes shared workspaces work; you have the freedom to choose how you work. Having the audio tech that you need to do your work professionally without any hiccups will make your day flow better.

Tip – Don’t forget to enquire about audio technology. Is the coworking space equipped with a quality sound system? What’s the situation on headphones, making calls and conferences? Make sure you get a good feel for how you would function in the space and how it fits your personality as well as your business requirements.

4. Computers, Cables and Chargers

You might work light, carrying everything you need in your laptop bag. You might need access to a computer, USB hub, charging strip or any number of other techy bits and bobs. What you need is likely to change over time as well. It’s important to know what you need and how to access it with as little hassle as possible. Quality equipment that is top of the range, serviced regularly and backed-up by reliable IT support makes life so much easier.

Coworking spaces all approach this issue differently. Some provide everything you need while others provide space for you to fill with what you need and some provide a mixture of both. The important thing is finding a place that works for you.

Tip – Looking around a coworking space, you could be forgiven for thinking everything you see is included. Make sure that you check that the tech around you has been provided by the coworking space and not brought in by the people working there! Ask about the tech you can’t always see – plug sockets, charging strips and charging hubs to make sure the space gives you access to everything you need!

5. Secure Access

Your working hours might vary from week to week or day to day. If late nights or early mornings are your thing, your workspace should facilitate that. Of course, you want the reassurance of security. There are lots of solutions for modern office spaces that enable people to enjoy secure access to the space when they need it.

Coworking spaces cater to people who come and go as they please, working when it suits them and tailoring their working life to fit with their wider lifestyle. While other trends on the world of coworking may come and go, it always begins and ends with secure access. Luckily, technology has made this possible.

Tip – Any coworking space should be proud of their secure access. They should be happy to show off the technology they have implemented to give you peace of mind while coworking.

The Upshot of Coworking Technologies

Technology should be at the heart of every collaborative workspace; it can set a coworking office apart from the rest. Not only can great tech make life easier, as we have seen, it can also mean that the space is future-proof, ready to evolve as the needs of its workers change. This is especially important for businesses and startups who want to expand. When you’re looking for a workspace, always check the tech credentials.

At Areaworks, we’re excited by great technology that blends seamlessly into the working environment. We believe in fast, effective solutions, underpinned by IT experts. Don’t just take our word for it. If you want to check our tech, drop us a line and arrange a tour. We love showing people what we’ve done with our coworking spaces.


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