5 Must Do’s in Your First Month in a Coworking Space in 2020

Anyone who has ever worked in a coworking space would agree that one of the best things about it is the community. It’s a space where productivity levels increase, networking connections develop, you get invitations to lots of interesting and beneficial events as well as access to fresh coffee every day! So, what makes coworking so great? One of the main reasons is the fact that you’re surrounded by talented, like-minded people who want you to succeed in the things you do. So, if you’re new to coworking in 2020, here are the top five must-dos in your first month!

1. Introducing yourself

So, first things first. The best way to start meeting others in your coworking space is to introduce yourself to your fellow co-workers. Since you’re the new starter, people may wait for you to initiate conversation. Some people may give you a smile or friendly nod when passing by however, a community of a thousand people starts with the first introduction. Take the initiative and interact with others first by introducing yourself and asking people what they do. More often than not, people are very excited to welcome newbies to the community.

2. Spending time in the common areas

Some of the best encounters and most interesting connections happen in the communal areas of a coworking space such as the kitchen, the couch areas and lobbies. These areas of a coworking space are normally the one’s buzzing with activity; people chatting, eating and laughing. Make sure you spend some time in these areas and join in on the conversations. By keeping your head down and not making any eye contact with others you give out the signal that you don’t wish to connect but by being open, friendly and just simply saying ‘Hi’ gives off the impression that you’re approachable. Be sure to get out there and make some connections!

3. Attending events and workshops

Most coworking spaces have events, presentations and meetups and you should make the most out of them by attending these as they are a great way to get to know your fellow co-workers better. You can make new connections, talk about things you’re interested in, as well as get a feel for the culture within the space.

4. Getting to know the space

Knowing your way around your coworking space will make you feel like a regular. When you know where everything is, you instantly feel more comfortable. Also, take the time to find out the little details, for example where you can find plasters and spare cups. This will give you a true sense of belonging rather than making you feel as if you’re a visitor in an unfamiliar space.

5. Be helpful and generous with your time

Being helpful as well as generous with your time makes all the difference! What goes around comes around and coworking spaces are filled with a diverse collection of people doing different things; you can find writers, developers, designers and many more and this makes networking and collaboration possible. If you can’t find a particular service in your coworking space, be sure to ask around, you’ll probably be able to get a good referral from a fellow member.

If you’re new to coworking, these five tips will help you make that smooth transition from working from home or your usual coffee shops to a coworking space. If you’re looking for new office space in 2020, book a tour of one of our Areaworks spaces and we can show you around! 

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