5 Practical Reasons Why E-Commerce Startups Choose Coworking Spaces

E-commerce is an exciting field; it can offer incredible freedom and flexibility and the possibilities are limitless when it comes to building your business in whatever direction you want it to go. In our previous blog, we talked about why coworking offices are the best choice for startup businesses. This got us thinking about the type of businesses that thrive in shared office spaces, and e-commerce was the natural starting point.

Coworking and e-commerce go together like coffee and muffins. They just work. A coworking office is a perfect place for an e-commerce business to grow and flourish. But what exactly makes coworking and e-commerce such perfect partners? Let’s look at how shared workspaces can eliminate some of the challenges that e-commerce businesses face and fast-track their route to success.

1. Coworking Cuts Costs

There are costs involved in setting up and managing every business, and many of them are unavoidable. But, many of them are unnecessary too. Take the cost of hiring a private office space, for example. If you want to be in the central location, that will cost more. If you want to have access to great facilities, that will again add up to the expenses. Whether you’re in the office or not, you have to pay the rent and other fees or you will lose the space. Then there are all of the other unavoidable expenses – furniture, office equipment, internet and IT support. It’s no surprise that many e-commerce professionals end up working from home or from cafes.

Coworking offices in London allow you to be right at the heart of the action, without the extortionate rental costs of a private office. You get access to the facilities you need such as superfast and secure internet, IT support, quality printing and great coffee, all included. So, you won’t find yourself priced out of the market. You won’t have to take a massive financial risk. You can put your money where you need it most – into your e-commerce business.

2. Find Freedom and Flexibility

E-commerce can be a fast-moving adventure; you might find that a private office that once seemed ideal, is now not quite in the right location for you. Or, it doesn’t quite have all the facilities you now require or isn’t the right size to meet your shifting needs. Finding yourself stuck with a rental agreement on an office that isn’t ticking your boxes is incredibly frustrating and can even pose a threat to the success of your business. Working from home gives you freedom, but it doesn’t give you flexibility – you are limited when it comes to hiring someone, meeting prospective clients or collaborating with other people.

Desk coworking offers a simple solution – freedom and flexibility. Maybe you aren’t going to need an office for a couple of weeks; that’s cool, see you when you get back! Maybe you need to hire an employee and so your space requirement doubles; that’s great news, expand away! Big meeting coming up? Great, there is a professional space for that right here.

3. Connect, Communicate and Collaborate

E-commerce is a rapidly changing arena. To be successful, you need to be able to ride the waves and adapt to new trends. This may mean seeking advice from other professionals, outsourcing tasks to experts or setting up collaborative projects. In a private office, or when working at home, this can be incredibly difficult. Coworking offices are more than places to work, and e-commerce professionals are in an ideal position to benefit from what shared workspaces have to offer.

A coworking space is a collaborative space. It happens naturally. Say you need some design work done. Instead of turning to the internet to wade through endless graphic design websites, you remember admiring someone’s work right there in your coworking space. So, you start a conversation with someone you already know and trust, and both of your businesses benefit. It works both ways; your presence in the shared workspace means that if anyone in that space needs anything related to e-commerce, you are going to be the default person they turn to, opening up new avenues of opportunity for your business.

Check out our blog on why a coworking space is more than just a desk and how it can work for all kinds of businesses.

4. Inspiration and Motivation

We have talked about how working from home or in a private office can make it harder to join up with other professionals. Networking and collaborating are essential in almost every business, and coworking is the perfect environment for that to happen. But, there is also a very real personal aspect to being isolated, and this is perhaps even truer for e-commerce businesses than for other types.

In e-commerce, you will obviously find yourself conducting the majority of your business online; not just the commercial aspects, but dealing with customers, clients and other contacts. Many people working in e-commerce find themselves rarely handling a physical product or talking face to face with an actual customer. This can mean that the work, even when enjoyable, can feel very ‘virtual’. While that can absolutely be part of the attraction to e-commerce, in time, it can leave you feeling a little bit jaded or lacking in motivation. Connecting with other people is important for all of us.

Coworking allows you to do your business your way. It enables you to focus on your work, to invest time, energy and funds exactly where you want them. You can have the quiet space you need to get the job done and the excellent facilities and services you want to make life easier. However, when you want to get up from your desk and grab a coffee, hit the gym or simply rest for a while; you have access to breakout spaces where you can relax, refresh and recharge. There are passionate people doing amazing work who share your mindset and you can easily reach out; whether it’s for a casual chat or to begin a collaborative project that could be totally transformative is all up to you. Coworking gives you these options and more.

5. Opportunity without Risks

E-commerce businesses can be difficult to establish, and this is offset by the unlimited potential for success that they can offer. Essentially, a coworking space gives e-commerce businesses the opportunity to flourish and grow without requiring them to take a massive risk. There is no long-term commitment. There is no pressure. There is simply a working environment that has been carefully designed to meet your needs both now and in the future, so you can get on with doing what you do with confidence. Coworking allows you to jump right in; no need to compromise on mediocre facilities. From day one, you have a workspace that looks and feels professional. It gives the right impression to people who you might want to do business with and it clears the way for you to do your thing.

Choosing coworking instantly eliminates a lot of the practical obstacles that stand in the way of establishing a successful e-commerce business. This frees you up to focus on the business itself and we’ve seen how empowering this can be. If you’re looking for workspace for rent, a startup ecosystem you can grow your business through or simply want a cost-effective office solution, then Areaworks can help.

Pop in and have a tour of one of our workspaces; you will find locations across London to suit your needs – we’re always happy to have a coffee and a chat.

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