8 Rules Confident People Live By

Confidence comes in many different forms. The concept of confidence is about trusting and relying on one’s abilities and competencies rather than having feelings of absolute certainty or assurance. True confidence has a look of its own.

Here are some rules that confident people live by:

1. They accept who they are

In other words, they have a strong sense of self and are happy with who they are.

Happiness is a vital element of confidence. People who are confident derive their sense of satisfaction from their own accomplishments as opposed to what others think if their accomplishments.

2. They believe in themselves

Confident individuals don’t seek validation from outside sources to truly believe in themselves. They hold trust within their abilities to do anything they put their minds to and/or complete any tasks outside their comfort zones – it’s about having a growth mindset.

3. They don’t engage in negative self-talk

Confidence involves being honest and sincere with one’s self. People who are confident admit their mistakes and don’t talk down to themselves – instead, they learn from their mistakes and are open to challenges and growing.

4. They don’t mind being challenged

Confident people have no problem with a challenge. They’re secure enough in what they know to graciously admit they don’t have all the answers.

5. They listen more than they speak

People who exude confidence already know what they think so they want to know what you think which is why they ask open-ended questions. This gives people the freedom to be thoughtful and introspective. Confident people know that the only way to learn more is by listening.

6. They share their ideas freely

In addition to listening more than speaking, confident people also share their creative insights freely. They get satisfaction from helping others, sharing their wisdom and supporting them in reaching their goals.

7. They pay attention to their body language

I’m sure you’ve noticed the difference in your own body language in situations where you’re feeling insecure as opposed to feeling good. Confident people know that changing their stance can impact how people see them and boost confidence. As the saying goes; actions speak louder than words!

8. They celebrate the success of others

Individuals who are aware of what they want and are on the path to achieving it will instantly be happy for someone else who has fought to achieve their own goals. They don’t compete with others and aren’t jealous of others’ successes. They recognise the importance of supporting others and take pleasure in seeing others succeed. After all, being truly happy for others only adds to one’s own happiness.


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