Arena Sessions: The First Gig at Areaworks Manor House

If you’ve been to our Manor House branch, you’ve probably seen how it looks when everyone is in the zone working away or maybe making the most of our lounge areas sipping a cup of coffee. But one thing you may not have known is that there is a whole different side to our coworking space. Every third Wednesday of the month we are hosting the amazing Arena Sessions in the very cozy setting of our Manor House space.

Arena Sessions is an independent in-house gig originally hosted at Arena Design Centre just around the corner from our coworking space. Over the past 3 years it has featured some of best acoustic acts the UK music scene has to offer, all playing to an intimate audience.

We’ve already kicked-off this series of events with the first gig in October, but don’t worry if you missed out, there are going to be more coming in November and December!

Our members and staff were lucky enough to attend the event, and looking back- it really was a great evening filled with uplifting music, a variety of soft drinks and ales and a delicious Turkish Buffet with homemade food that was out of this world! All of that combined with a cosy, intimate setting – it really was the perfect evening.

The session brought with it captivating harmonies by Rioghnach Connolly & Leonie Evans with support by Nick Hart. In case you haven’t heard much about these artists, we have some info on each of them below. Trust us – they are worth a listen.

Leonie Evans

There was something about the way she set out her brilliantly distinctive musical stall, and then sat utterly unselfconsciously inside it while giving everyone chills with her performance.

“The guitar is pretty, subtle, lithe, but it’s the voice that astonishes, flicking in a single line from Karen Dalton’s hazy, wistful quiver to Bjork-patented growls” (Julian Owen) –

Rioghnach Connolly

Armagh born singer and flautist took some elements of Appalachia, Blues and Jazz and surprised us with adding all of that into the folk archive all of which gave it a strongly unique sound and feel.

“A voice that echoes back through the ages of jazz and soul, resonant and resplendent in glorious, exploding power and control.” –

Nick Hart

Nick Hart is a singer deeply rooted in the English tradition. His repertoire was made up of songs mostly from his native East Anglia, with a minimal guitar accompaniment and a great emphasis on storytelling.

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At Areaworks we want you to make the most out of your time with us, so not only do we have some exciting events planned for the near future, but we are also are open to new ideas and events or workshops. Get in touch with us if you would like to host an event at one of our spaces. To join our Areaworks family, make sure to book a tour to come view one of our spaces, have a cuppa and a look around!