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The phrase ‘digital nomad’ might be a bit old hat now, but there’s still a lot to learn about how to fit everything you might need for a trek through the urban jungle in just one bag.

Finding ‘the one’

We’re not here to advertise a particular brand or tell you that you simply must buy purple this season, but the key to it all is the right bag. Hit Pinterest, the style mags, the business mags, Spitalfields market, or go wild and go nerdy by spending your day watching YouTube videos of the latest gadget bags!

The idea is to find a bag that works for you. That might be a long-loved carrier bag, or a swanky new LV – whatever floats your boat.

Now that you’ve found ‘the one’, inside the bag, you’ll want to ensure there are different compartments for different items. You don’t want to have that loosely tightened water bottle rolling around near your laptop, right? Disaster waiting to happen – trust us!

The necessities

Next, you must think about what you might be using the bag for, and for how long. A toothbrush, wet wipes and tissues are always a pretty good idea, but the key points you’ll want to consider are; always carry less, carry useful and carry things that are optimised for comfort and/or design.

A crowded bag is a sign of an addled mind, and it doesn’t look good in a meeting – or a workspace – when paperwork is overflowing out of your bag or some leftover takeaway spills out when you open your prized satchel.

Being as urban and urbane as you are, you know you’re not going to have to survive too much trauma – a toothpick might come in handy but that extreme weather foil survival blanket? Ditch it.

Tech, tech, tech…

Cables are the blight of modern society. A purist might pick up a wireless charging pad, but a multi-ended charging cable is everyone’s favourite item. Sometimes – don’t get too scared – we can be in places where there’s no power, so a power bank is a good idea too – just don’t be like us and remember to ensure it’s fully charged before you leave home.

Connectivity is another issue. Of course, if you’re a member of a desk coworking space like Areaworks, you’ll have no issues, but it’s worth checking the hotspot availability of where you need to be or invest in a WiFi USB stick.

If there was one device everyone could carry, it should be an anti-procrastination device. Many will do anything rather than settle down to work. But there are apps, and videos, and music, all designed to help you focus – and all of which take no vital space in your precious bag. Another good reason for not piling half your worldly goods in there – leave only the essential things you need to get the job done.

Don’t be satisfied with a cable that kind of works when you put it in at the right angle. Don’t settle for a laptop battery that only lasts an hour. You see, your daily happiness working out of home relies on you being able to trust your tech. Those AirPods might be pricey, but dang, they’re good. And cool. And tiny. Don’t lose them!

Top tips!

Another top tip is simple but effective – bags within your bag. I know right, crazy, huh? Stick all your tech bits and bobs in one bag, all your lip balms/ deo sprays/ make-up etc. in another, and pens and office stuff in another. Bingo, you’re all sorted. It’s that simple, but can be life-changing.

Ultimately, you’re looking to make a fine flat lay. Pack to impress. It’s ok to throw in cheap earphones in case you forgot the AirPods, and it’s a great idea to carry a foldable/rollable hat or umbrella, but ditch the heavy book you never quite get round to pulling out of the bag.

Enjoy walking the razor’s edge of packing the perfect work bag. You need to make sure you’re as prepared as can be for all sorts of eventualities, yet stylishly unencumbered. You need reliable items that function well, and that offer convenience. Remember, folks, spontaneity is all well and good, as long as it’s well planned.

Want to pack your bag and come join us in one of our Areaworks coworking spaces? Why not book a tour – we’d love to meet you and show you around.

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