Stop Smoking? Eat healthily? Start exercising? Better work-life balance? How to stick to your New Year's resolution in 2020.

With our newest space open in the heart of Hatton Garden, we are delighted to introduce Areaworks Farringdon's first members, Poly AI.

Areaworks has evolved so much over the past few years and after such an incredible 2019, we can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2020. with the New Year only a few weeks away we wanted to share 3 reasons why you should join the Areaworks community in 2020.

The best ways to keep the energy and optimism up during the winter season. 

When we listen, we go beyond simply hearing words by focusing our attention to what is being said. Here are some top tips on how you can become a better listener.

By having the occasional outside of work event, the connection between co-workers strengthens the business workforce as they build stronger relationships.

We've taken a look at the positive impact coworking spaces have on a company's brand identity.

Coworking and e-commerce go together like coffee and muffins. They just work. A coworking office is a perfect place for an e-commerce business to grow and flourish. But what exactly makes coworking and e-commerce such perfect partners?

The debate on office design has been raging for as long as there have been offices. Whether it's better to opt for open, airy office space or multiple private closed spaces is still a topic of hot debate.

Using a coworking space comes with various benefits such as networking, accessibility as well as increased productivity. One aspect that is crucial to consider is the fact that a coworking space can also be hugely beneficial for a person’s mental and physical health.

Coworking spaces are more aligned with the contemporary way of working and have proven to help individuals and companies to succeed. Discover how and why people thrive in them.

If you often find yourself in difficult situations, then this blog post will be your saviour! Here are 5 hacks to maintain a positive attitude towards others.

As variety is the spice of life coworking spaces could provide you with the perfect opportunity to find your next mentor, or become one yourself!

From those who are working for themselves as freelancers or entrepreneurs to start-ups and companies who want a more efficient and effective way of working, the coworking innovation has been a total game-changer.

Working from home blurs the line between home life and work life, and that’s a pretty important line. Instead, you’ve got to find a perfect shared workspace that is affordable and flexible, somewhere that makes it easy for you to do whatever it is that you do. Shared workspaces are the solution.

Over recent years, podcasts have dramatically increased in popularity. They are a great tool if you’re looking to implement a bit more mindfulness into your life or to boost your productivity at work. 

An individual’s personal happiness has a direct impact on productivity levels in the workplace. In fact, it can be one of the most important aspects of enhancing workplace productivity.

Creativity is a skill that every person possesses. However, the way we express and use that creativity varies from person to person and, just like other skills, can be strengthened and improved upon. As the old saying goes, 'practice makes perfect'! Read more to find out how!

Community events are a great way to build relationships amongst members. By getting together, you share more than just a workspace and who knows, you may find your new best friend or future work collaboration.

It’s an unarguable fact that we should all try to cut out plastic in our daily lives. From supermarket bags to office stationery, we can all make a few simple changes to help save the planet – and, conveniently, save some money!

Whether you get frazzled easily or are pretty chilled, stress is part of life however, coworking is a great way to reduce the amount of stress in your work life.

Our Areaworks team keeps on growing and we are happy to welcome Shay, our newest Community Rep, to the team!

In a coworking space, each member of the coworking community has real power to create a sustainable shared workspace that works for them.

Here’s a quick guide to a few of the things we all should eat more of; not only to maintain a constant, steady energy flow but also to keep our brains well-oiled.

A coworking space is the perfect place for collaboration. When your creative juices are drying up, your brain is a little rusty and you’ve run out of fresh ideas or you find yourself putting things off, working with another person can inject some oomph into your work and take it in new directions.

As our company continues to grow, so does our amazing Areaworks team! We are delighted to welcome Claire to our Community Team.

Nothing holds you up when working like tech problems. A dodgy internet connection, a grumpy printer, or not having access to enough plug sockets! A great coworking space offers technology that transforms your working experience to make you more productive while helping you enjoy your day more.


Both 2017 and 2018 have been huge years for the coworking industry, with more users than ever before clocking in and out of the office. Could it be that traditional workspaces are becoming a thing of the past?

Coworking is here to stay. The reason is simple; it’s a win-win-win. Entrepreneurs can accelerate their business growth, freelancers can carve out the working life that they actually want, and companies can encourage their workers to flourish. Win-win-win, right?

With so many coworking misconceptions out there, it's time to debunk some of the coworking myths we hear the most.