Put your hand up if you've ever rushed to meet a deadline! We've put together a few practical tips that may help solve this issue and have you well on the way to a more efficient workday.


We explore how you can help yourself by knowing what physical features in a coworking space to look out for, in order to get the most out of each day for you and your team.


The key to a harmonious and cooperative shared office is not only understanding that everyone works differently, but also knowing how you can still get the most out of your professional relationships, whether you’re loud, quiet or one to work on your own.

Meet Roos, a choir director who is running a choir, “All the Voices” from our Areaworks Manor House space.

It’s no secret that showing gratitude is good for you. Despite this fact, in today’s fast paced society, we can find it hard to get into this positive mental space. Taking five minutes out of a hectic day to practice gratitude can make us more productive, happier and successful.

Every third Wednesday of the month we are hosting the amazing Arena Sessions in the very cozy setting of our Manor House space.

Whether you're trying to provide more autonomy for your team, or simply want to benefit from a more cost-effective work environment, check out our tips for finding the best coworking spaces in London that will see your team getting the most out of every work day.

Those who work to a beat get their tasks completed quicker than those who don't. No surprise really when you compare this to working to the sound of keyboards clicking and the occasional clear of the throat - more than enough to dull anyone’s productivity!

How to cope on your first few days in a coworking office

These days, a remote worker could be in a cafe, on a beach on the other side of the world or even close by in a nearby coworking space. The possibilities only being limited by, in most cases, the need for a laptop and a good internet connection.

Meet Tili, our lovely Falun Gong teacher, who generously comes to our Hoxton space on Wednesday evenings to teach a class to our members and the public.

Coworking has come a long way from the first few desks plonked in a mates building. Aside from providing services like printing, free coffee and comfortable seats, coworking spaces all over the world are creating environments in which people can work, socialise and become part of a community.

In our next Spotlight post we are shining the spotlight on our areaworker Mike Scott, a newbie to our Hoxton coworking space. The friendly Aussie talks to us about his startup and how coworking has helped him grow.

We took National work-life week seriously here at Areaworks!

Coworking Office Space - London

We've delved into what really keeps coworking at the heart of business in 2018.

As part of our 'Friends of Areaworks' series, we sat down with The Dictionary Hostel to find out more about their story.

Are You a Team Player Or The Office Slob in Your Coworking Space? Read our top tips on how to be the best coworking member around!

At Areaworks, we like to immerse ourselves in the local community and down near our Hackney branch, with so many pieces of art dotted along the road, Kingsland Road is a vibrant one.

The Making of Areaworks series will give you a bird-eye view of our journey as we grow and develop our spaces.

Networking in Coworking Office Space - Areaworks Event

What makes a dream office? A decent cup of coffee trumps ball pits and slides and pets, plant, and prosecco all make the top 5 office features.

As self-confessed coffee addicts, we’ve been on the lookout for tips on how to tackle those particularly sleepy parts of the day.

Continuing with our Spotlight series, we sat down with self professed 'homeless and officeless' digital nomad, Zebra, to hear all about her adventures.


We’ve designed our Areaworks spaces to offer everything that you need to make coworking as comfortable as possible. That could be as simple as a desk and a chair.

East End London has a well-earned reputation for taking fashion to the next level. We decided to hand pick some lovely fashionable influencers near Hoxton, and we asked them a few questions on their outfit choices for work. 


What if time was no object, would you take the scenic route to work in morning? Or would you stay in bed that little bit longer? Would you travel to Paris and master French cooking or would you stay at home and binge on cooking shows? To cure our curiosity we put these questions to our members.

As part of our 'Friends of Areaworks' series, we sat down with the owner of Sin Gusano, Jon, to find out more about how his restaurant idea came about.


Coworking; the new way to network that allows you to improve your business in an engaging, exciting and inspirational environment surrounded by likeminded individuals.

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our Hoxton coworking branch, we have put together a round up of our top three lunch spots.

Coworking Office Space - Areaworks

If you ask anybody that has worked in a coworking space before, whether they are entrepreneurs, freelancers, kick-starters or even corporate companies, they will all tell you the same thing; it’s all about the community!

As part of our commitment to championing local businesses, we caught up with Areaworks member, branding genius, writer and overall nice bloke (his words!), Rich Haylock.