Ideas must be nurtured and treated with respect and reverence. Your mind expands relative to the size and number of ideas it holds. Thinking is what makes us human, so why not explore some ideas? New ideas, alternative ideas, ideas of your own.

Toptask is an innovative platform that connects businesses and individuals with a pool of local, talented university students. We spoke to Tatiana, Head of Student Recruitment & Marketing, to find out some more!

With nourishment, physical health and mental health all being shown to directly impact productivity, it is becoming more important than ever to consider individuals’ well-being when it comes to the office.

Meet Charlie Marbles, a multitalented film editor, scriptwriter and director with a love of '80s hip hop culture.

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The phrase ‘digital nomad’ might be a bit old hat now, but there’s still a lot to learn about how to fit everything you might need for a trek through the urban jungle in just one bag.

When it came to finding a Community Manager for our Colindale space, we knew we needed someone who could hit the ground running. So, when we met Grazina (who had lots of experience in the coworking industry) we knew we’d found our girl.


While working from home can be liberating, to begin with, for the majority of freelancers it can quite quickly become a very big distraction that impedes productivity. However, the benefits of coworking for freelancers are pretty endless, not to mention a lot more fun than working from the sofa!

In this day and age, we live in a fast-paced world with lightning speed lifestyles so, we decided to pull together a list of some amazing apps that can help you organise your way to a better 2019!

There are so many benefits of healthy sleeping habits, so we've put together some top tips to help you achieve a better night’s sleep!

Whether we realise it or not, how we conduct ourselves physically has a bearing on how others perceive us. It's worth discovering what to do with your body to help convey the right message – and to know a little about the subconscious messages others tell us by their movements.

We take a look at some of the most common misconceptions made about coworking offices. We also look at five alternative uses for the shared office space, and why coworking offices like Areaworks' are certainly more than just a desk.

We take a look at what makes coworking offices so beneficial for businesses in their infancy, and how they can help combat those common hurdles of growing a business from the ground up.

Chequered flags at the ready people, Areaworks Colindale is almost all set to launch!

Meet the lovely Hetty, the founder of CreatHers, a company that hosts career and entrepreneurial networking events for female creatives.

Understanding the negatives as well as the positives about working in a coworking office is vital for progression, success and longevity. That’s why we want to draw attention to the top four challenges we have come across when it comes to coworking spaces, and how we have worked to overcome them.

We take a look at the not-so-secret list of secrets on how to earn more while living on less!

We reflect on the past 12 months and look at the growing coworking space trends that are set to be huge in 2019. So, if you’re not part of a coworking community yet, you may want to stick around to see why 2019 may be the best year to start!

This article takes a look at the world’s third best-selling drink, after water and tea (one of which is a major ingredient of coffee so shouldn’t really count), to see what your coffee choices say about you!

As 2019 is fast approaching, we decided to take a look back at some of our most memorable social events that took place in Areaworks Hackney this year.

Coworking Space and its Coworkers

Meet Tom, Head of Growth at co-hire, a simple way for startups to start direct conversations with world-class technical people who are looking for work.

Collaboration of freelancers in one of our coworking offices

Coworking is so important to so many people as it allows you to become part of something, to belong to a community.

Hold the hustle – find out the truth about productivity. From productivity apps to tips from Jobs and Oprah and Musk. This is the new age, and we are here to show you how to enjoy your work to increase productivity.

Let us introduce to you our friends and founders of ‘Food Drop’ Miranda and Everest. This dynamic duo know a thing or two about hard work, graduating University of Bath and coming straight London to work full-time on their vision.

Put your hand up if you've ever rushed to meet a deadline! We've put together a few practical tips that may help solve this issue and have you well on the way to a more efficient workday.


We explore how you can help yourself by knowing what physical features in a coworking space to look out for, in order to get the most out of each day for you and your team.


The key to a harmonious and cooperative shared office is not only understanding that everyone works differently, but also knowing how you can still get the most out of your professional relationships, whether you’re loud, quiet or one to work on your own.

Meet Roos, a choir director who is running a choir, “All the Voices” from our Areaworks Manor House space.

It’s no secret that showing gratitude is good for you. Despite this fact, in today’s fast paced society, we can find it hard to get into this positive mental space. Taking five minutes out of a hectic day to practice gratitude can make us more productive, happier and successful.

Every third Wednesday of the month we are hosting the amazing Arena Sessions in the very cozy setting of our Manor House space.

Whether you're trying to provide more autonomy for your team, or simply want to benefit from a more cost-effective work environment, check out our tips for finding the best coworking spaces in London that will see your team getting the most out of every work day.