Meet Shay
Our Areaworks team keeps on growing and we are happy to welcome Shay, our newest Community Rep, to the team!
How to Achieve a Sustainable Shared Workspace: Office Recycling 101
In a coworking space, each member of the coworking community has real power to create a sustainable shared workspace that works for them.
Brain Food to Fuel your Workday
Here’s a quick guide to a few of the things we all should eat more of; not only to maintain a constant, steady energy flow but also to keep our brains well-oiled.
Build Productive Teams Using Collaborative Workspace Tools
A coworking space is the perfect place for collaboration. When your creative juices are drying up, your brain is a little rusty and you’ve run out of fresh ideas or you find yourself putting things off, working with another person can inject some oomph into your work and take it in new directions.
5 Coworking Technology Must-Haves in a Shared Workspace
Nothing holds you up when working like tech problems. A dodgy internet connection, a grumpy printer, or not having access to enough plug sockets! A great coworking space offers technology that transforms your working experience to make you more productive while helping you enjoy your day more.
The Future of Coworking and the Top Trends to Watch Out for in 2019
Both 2017 and 2018 have been huge years for the coworking industry, with more users than ever before clocking in and out of the office. Could it be that traditional workspaces are becoming a thing of the past?
7 Values A Shared Workspace can Teach Freelancers and Employees Alike
Coworking is here to stay. The reason is simple; it’s a win-win-win. Entrepreneurs can accelerate their business growth, freelancers can carve out the working life that they actually want, and companies can encourage their workers to flourish. Win-win-win, right?
5 Common Coworking Misconceptions
With so many coworking misconceptions out there, it's time to debunk some of the coworking myths we hear the most.
Top tips on keeping fit in the workspace
It's time to stop beating yourself up, and stop dreaming that next week will be the optimum time to get fit. There is a way. A path of least resistance, and a few simple things you can do to get on the road to fitness.
How to Manage Your Workload and Relax as A New Entrepreneur
Being an entrepreneur is infinitely rewarding, but sometimes it can seem like there’s so much to do that it’s difficult to find time for yourself. We've got some top tips to help you manage your workload and learn to relax as a new entrepreneur.
The Best Brain Workouts
We've put together a list of all the tools you need to flex your mental muscles!
5 Reasons Why Hot Desking is A Great Way to Work
We live in a world where we've got over the need for a permanent desk, it creates a freer, more relaxed working atmosphere – what's not to like?
Deskercises - Staying Fit in Your Office
Believe it or not, simple desk exercises (or deskercises as we like to call them!) can dramatically benefit us all. We’ve picked the best desk exercises for those of you who want to stay fit and healthy but are struggling to find the time.
Friends of Areaworks - Habit Creative
Areaworks has teamed up with a fantastic team at Habit Creative, to provide our members access to affordable and discounted services from a highly skilled team of video specialists.
The Top Apps You Never Knew You Needed
If you're anything like us, your phone often heaves with apps. It's only when it grinds to a halt due to insufficient memory that we decide we should perhaps review what lurks on our phones and free up some space, so we can enjoy the helpful stuff out there that really makes an impact on our lives.
Runner’s High- What’s The Science?
You may have heard of “runner’s high”. It’s an intense happy feeling accompanied with pain relief that strikes a runner right when their body should be screaming at them to slow down and stop. But what is this euphoric rush?
Friends of Areaworks - Thierry
We are very excited to welcome Thierry, our new in-house yoga instructor to Areaworks Colindale.
The Best Places to Workout for Free in London
If you don't want to spend silly amounts of money on gym memberships you never use and if you’re on a lookout for free fitness classes in London, then we've got you covered!
Why Hosting Your Event in a Coworking Space is Good for Your Business
Sick of hosting your annual team charity fundraiser in the office staffroom... again. Opting to throw an event from a coworking space could be just the change you need to help boost engagement and reduce anxieties.
Bake-Off Journey in Areaworks Hackney
Areaworks Bake-Off has been a great way for our members to socialise with each other, put their skills to the test and bring out their competitive side and we are delighted to announce that we finally have our winner!
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