Coworking Around The World

When we decided to open a coworking community in our area, we wanted to make sure we could offer more than just a desk. At Areaworks, we put collaboration and flexibility at the center of everything we do, so we looked into different ways of doing that. That’s why we established spaces for coworking around the world.

We wanted to give our members the option to meet, grow and work in whatever way suits them best, that’s why we have our first sister coworking space in Shanghai – Fitspace. Fitspace offers a gym membership as a tie-in with their workspace, we thought this was a brilliant idea – that’s why we made this part of our perks too.

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This was a big opportunity for us to learn about how coworking works in different countries and offer something different, we’re not afraid to do things a bit out of the box if we think it’s better for our members.

Our plan is to open up a network of sister coworking spaces across the world, we want to see what other workspaces are doing well, and create connections that allow our members to work in whatever area they end up. We’re looking for more opportunities to grow our family of sister spaces internationally, so watch this space – because we think that having an international family would be amazing for us, and our members too.


About Areaworks Coworking Office Space

Areaworks is a provider of open supportive coworking office spaces in the accessible areas throughout London. We don’t believe in stuffy central locations, long commutes, impersonal and uptight environments. We believe there’s a better way of working, and we’re here to make it happen: in our areas, with our areas. We believe in opening up communities that inspire progress and open up opportunities. We offer complete turnkey workplace solutions for start-ups, creatives, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. We design our desk coworking to feel open, to encourage collaboration and productivity, to inspire you to think differently. Areaworks currently has two coworking spaces in prime London locations. The first resides in Manor House, an area very close to our hearts (and where it all began). Our second space recently opened in Hackney, one of the fastest growing areas for all things innovation, in London. If you are looking for a coworking space in London, which provides you with the environment and the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals, then we have the perfect place for you.

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