Hackney Office Space

  • Currently, 28-desk open plan space
  • Potential to have up to 45 desks or split into two separate 20 desk offices
  • One exec office/meeting room
  • Self-contained kitchen and toilet facilities with shower
  • Ground floor street level
  • 2 mins to Haggerston station and 5 mins to Hoxton station
  • Lounge
  • Free coffee/tea
  • 1GB Internet
  • Rooftop terrace
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Self-contained kitchen

Free tea & coffee

Rooftop terrace

Lounge area

1GB internet

Exec office/meeting room

What our coworkers say about us

'I continue to be amazed at the great value the Manor House Areaworks hub provides. There's a great chance to meet others who work in related fields. And that's handy for sharing ideas, potential collaborations... or just for a moan.I can't believe I waited so long to move my office from home to somewhere like Areaworks.'

Rich Haylock, Writer

‘I went to Areaworks Manor House. The viewing was done by Silvia. It was informative and yet informal and friendly. Space was great and I signed a contract right away. I am working there now and it's been great.’

Bhagya, Architectural designer

‘All the Areaworks locations are brand new, the space is equipped with everything you might need while still retaining a very chill vibe. Never had any problems with the Wifi and the pricing is great compared to other co-working spaces in similar locations. Great and responsive staff too!’

Romas Dangelevicius, Head of Operations, Shake and Stir

'The office is like my second home. It’s aesthetically beautiful and cosy. I feel very productive here, but also know I can chill and have a nice chat with the amazing staff and other Areaworkers. I’m very happy to be here☺️'


'Areaworks have been more than an office space for us. The staff are superb and really make us feel at home and have understood our needs as we've grown!'

Chris Smith, AVA Experience

'Areaworks has consistently provided me with an environment conducive to work. It is not like many other work spaces which are more social than work-focused, I think there is a very good balance at Areaworks. They have treated me fairly with respect to prices and contracts, and I look forward to repaying that loyalty as we grow the business.'

Mike Scott, Datamantis

Flexible spaces


Total space - 1,600 sq ft
From £80 per sq. ft

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