Does music make you more productive at work?

The assistant professor for the music therapy programme at the University of Miami researched the effects music has on productivity and according to her results, those who worked to a beat got their tasks completed quicker than those who didn’t. To be honest, this didn’t surprise us. Working to the sound of keyboards clicking and the occasional clear of the throat is enough to dull anyone’s productivity. But what we really wanted to know was; what kind of music works best for increasing productivity?

Firstly, it is important to know what music doesn’t work. Studies show that music with a more complex structure is harder to work to rather than a simpler three chord structure. It’s also proven that music with lyrics can affect concentration and interrupt your train of thought, much the same as when you were back in school and you couldn’t concentrate when the class wouldn’t stop nattering. Turns out that listening to music with lyrics whilst working is classed as a form of multitasking. Who knew?

What’s the best kind of music? So, we already know that music with lyrics can affect our level of concentration, however if that music is familiar it can increase our productivity especially when working on difficult tasks. We recommend sticking on an old faithful playlist when hard at work. As for specific genres of music that will help productivity, classical and nature sounds were the front runners in a lot of research. However, after some more research it seems there’s lots of genres proven to inspire productivity and some might surprise you.


Instrumental Blues

As we now know there are some occasions when lyrics aren’t great for our productivity so instrumental blues is ideal. Blues music has a recognisable sound which is easy for people to fall in love with, making it easy to listen and work to.


Okay, so we think it’d be incredibly hard to come by someone that doesn’t enjoy reggae. It’s advised to listen to reggae when feeling nervous or you’re having a stressful day, as it’s proven to relax you.

Old Skool Jungle / Liquid DnB

We have to admit we were surprised to see these two genres make the list as great genres for productivity in the work place, but apparently, they do the trick! These genres encourage positive thinking, keep you awake and are generally fun to listen to.

At Areaworks we are big believers in helping to increase productivity, so we play a variety of music genres to keep our Areaworkers’ productive and drown out the sounds of clicking keyboards. We also love to get suggestions from our members with our own playlist request forms dotted around our spaces. To join our Areaworks family and make sure your favourite tunes make our playlist, book a tour to view one of our spaces. We look forward to showing you around!

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