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Prepare your elevator pitch and wear your best smile for an Areaworks networking night. Whether we’re hosting one to bring some like-minded people together, or you’re hosting one to discover what’s really going on in your industry, we understand what it takes to create the right ambience for good work relationships to develop.

After all, great ideas thrive in great environments. Get together with us to talk about your next get together.


Failing to learn is learning to fail. We get it. You’re working long hours, you’re a bit wiped out, and the last thing you want to do is cram in some…er…cramming. But as you know, if your side hustle is going to develop into your life’s calling, you’ve got to find the balance, right?

Areaworks believes we should never stop learning. So we make it easy for you. Whether it’s business coaches, wellbeing gurus or skills trainers who deliver sessions at our coworking spaces, we’ve got you covered!


There’s a time to get your head down to meet the deadline, and there’s a time for a bit of banter. There’s also time to let visionaries, big thinkers and disruptors tell us how it is.

Areaworks invites people that are changing the way the world works to come and tell us how they’re doing, what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. You might get inspired, have a life-changing moment, or you might just have a good time!


Alike minds think great. And Areaworks loves a bit of a laugh. We create coworking spaces where you can work, work out or work your way into great relationships – both for business and friendship.

There’s a host of social activities in each of our coworking spaces, ensuring all our members achieve the perfect work-laugh balance! And balance means making time to chill. We not only help you grow your business, but also your confidence, your network and hopefully your mates.

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