Five Alternative Uses of a Coworking Office

Coworking is great; we may be biased in saying so but where else in today’s fast-paced work environment could you benefit from flexibility, diversity and free coffee as and when the mood strikes? London is the global capital for coworking in the UK, even outshining New York, and as such, we feel privileged to be in the heart of it all.

Part of the responsibility of running a successful coworking office in London is knowing when to recognise that an office is not just an office, which is a concept we feel pretty strongly about.

Today, we are going to be looking at some of the most common misconceptions made about coworking offices, often put forward by those who have never tried one out for themselves. We will also be looking at five alternative uses for the shared office space, and why coworking offices like Areaworks’ are certainly more than just a desk.

Three Things You’ve Probably Been Told about Coworking Offices That Aren’t True

Despite the recent uprising of coworking spaces across the UK, the concept of working from a shared office space is still pretty much in its infancy. In fact, there are still a number of people out there who have preconceived ideas about coworking offices, which are quite often the only thing standing in the way of them giving it a go for themselves.

But how can people get coworking so wrong? Let’s take a look at some of those misconceptions that you’ve probably heard about coworking offices. . .

Misconception #1: Nobody will take you seriously if you work in a coworking office.

We’ve seen this before, and from a bit of digging, it seems to relate to the perceived idea that coworking offices are just a bit of fun, rather than a viable place to create, network and grow. Okay, okay – we can see why some outsiders may see the vibrant pops of colour, the hammock swings, slides and in-house bars as somewhat less than serious, but these are all just add-on perks of the job!

Some of the most successful business ventures have been born out of coworking offices, and many big corporate names are beginning to catch on too – the likes of Microsoft, Apple and IBM are all reaping the benefits of working from a coworking office in 2019.

So, tell us again that coworking spaces aren’t for serious business.

Misconception #2: I couldn’t work from a coworking office; I’m too shy.

Part of what makes shared office spaces unique is that they offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to work alongside like-minded people, entrepreneurs, people you can really bounce off of, but these aren’t pre-requisites of becoming a member.

The majority of shared office spaces provide both communal and isolated work areas. This means that if you’re not feeling like getting involved in the group discussion, nobody will judge you! The magic of a coworking office is that you can be as social or as autonomous as you please.

Misconception #3: Only freelancers work from coworking offices.

Let’s end on one of the most common misconceptions about coworking spaces, shall we? Whilst it is certainly true that most coworking spaces started off with a clientele that pretty much consisted of the self-employed freelancer, in 2019 this is no longer the case.

As we mentioned in a previous point, coworking offices, particularly in places like London, are largely aimed at not just those people who previously might have worked from home, but also larger businesses, retail giants and a vast array of other professionals. Coworking is no longer just focussed on the artsy lone workers but now have the accessibility and scope to appeal to people from all sorts of career paths.

Five Ways You Can Use Your Coworking Office That We Bet You Haven’t Thought Of

Whether you’ve worked in a shared office space that hasn’t quite lived up to your expectations, or you’ve yet to try one at all – we bet you’d be surprised at just how much you can get from just a simple membership. Let’s take a look at five reasons why you should consider working from a coworking office in 2019.

#1 The Meeting Space

Whether you’re a freelancer or part of a larger corporate company, meetings will be part of your daily life, and having a good place to host one can make a world of difference.

Coworking offices will often provide one-off membership options so that you can host that all-important meeting somewhere mutual, professional and with everything you may need under one roof.

Vanquish those last-minute hassles like finding the working projector and getting someone on hand to make 19 cups of tea and coffee to order. A coworking office has all the mod cons you would need for a meeting and should have coffee, tea and snacks in surplus leaving you to concentrate on what you’re all there for.

#2 Host Events Hassle Free!

One of the most beneficial things about a coworking office is that it is full to the brim with opportunity. Yes, you can work from the comfort of a hammock chair and sip on cocktails during happy hour, but that isn’t what makes the backbone of a successful coworking space.

If you are looking to host an event, whether it be a laid-back work talk, an extravagant social event to roll out that new up and coming product or a team building workshop, a good coworking office can make for the perfect environment.

In today’s competitive coworking environment, with new unique and innovative spaces popping up all over the country, more spaces are catching on to the importance of offering MORE. Take us for example, we invite anyone to host with us, whether you want to have a cheese and vino evening with your management colleagues or a networking tete-a-tete; you can do it all in a vibrant, fresh and engaging environment.

After all, coworking is about communities, and what better way to encourage positive relationships than a good in-house event full of laughter, ideas and motivation?!

#3 The Social Club

It’s Happy Hour!

We get how hard our members work, and like us, many other coworking spaces offer a chance to kick back and unwind after a hard slog staring at a screen. Coworking spaces around London give members an opportunity to take a step back from the buzz of creating to communicate, network and just reboot.

Whilst we understand that the social scene of coworking offices in London isn’t always going to appeal to everyone, we believe in the importance of having the option. Besides, if you are using a coworking space as a one-off to host an event or a meeting, what better way to seal the deal with potential new business partners than to invite them to join you for a happy hour cocktail, or two?

#4 Learn Something New

Whether you work solo or as part of a team, the importance of learning never goes away. In today’s fast-paced world, things are constantly changing, and it can be a tough task keeping up.

One of the best things on offer at coworking offices, and something we highly suggest you take part in when the opportunity arises, is workshops. Often very low cost or completely free to existing members, many coworking offices in London offer innovative workshops on everything from managing your business finances to how to market on Instagram. If you’re not coming to a coworking office to network, get your head down or host a meeting, do it for the workshops – trust us!

#5 Meetups

Now, don’t get us wrong, the purpose of a coworking office is predominantly to offer you an opportunity to get your work done somewhere away from home or the local coffee shop, as well as an opportunity to network and grow your business. However, that being said, there is nothing stopping anyone from stepping into their local shared office space for an afternoon meet up with the friends who are visiting from abroad, a quick coffee with the girls or even to plan a family get together.

Coworking offices are designed for communities, whether that is in a professional capacity or not, so why not give your local coffee shop a miss and try your local coworking office for a change? You might be surprised at how the community welcome you, and who knows, you may even be struck with some inspiration whilst there!

Why Not See What A Coworking Office Can Bring To Your Life

We sincerely hope you have learnt something new about coworking offices today, after all, we’re all about inspiring and educating our members wherever possible.

If you’re still unsure whether a coworking space is just another place to work, then why not come and visit us in one of our spaces? We would love to give you a tour and show you what we have to offer! If you want to host your next event in one of our spaces get in touch.

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