Five Tips To Improve Your Well-Being In A Coworking Space

Increasingly, we are seeing a much bigger emphasis being placed on health and well-being in the workplace. With nourishment, physical health and mental health all being shown to directly impact productivity, it is becoming more important than ever to consider individuals’ well-being when it comes to the office.

We’ve previously talked about the benefits that come with working from a coworking space, with everything from networking and finances to great coffee and a professional place to work all having an impact on the success of an individual’s everyday work. But what else can coworking offer?

With most of us spending around 54% of our waking hours at work, it’s important to ensure that you are doing your bit to improve your sense of wellbeing, and when utilised well, coworking offices can provide the perfect environment in which to do so.

So, we’re going to share with you some of our top tips for boosting your wellbeing whilst working in a coworking space, and how you can make the most out of your working day.

Five Tips To Boost Your Wellbeing When Coworking

#1 Pause for Thought (and Snacks!)

It’s no secret that work can get pretty stressful at times, and part of the appeal of working from a coworking office is the autonomy, which means you have the freedom to work as and when you like. However, creating your own work routine in a structured environment such as a shared office space can easily lead to long days, minimal breaks and a pretty stressful work setup.

If you’re lucky enough to be doing something you really love and are passionate about, it can quickly turn into an endless working cycle, often without you even noticing it! From overtime and taking on extra projects to those last minute meetings with clients, it can become a vicious cycle in which breaks soon become a thing of the past.

To emphasise our point here, we have taken a look at a BBC poll which found that a huge 54% of people regularly worked through their lunch, meaning that over half of us believe that work comes before wellbeing.

Taking regular breaks away from work allows your brain to hit the pause button and allows you some much-needed time in which to recharge your batteries ready for the rest of the day. Coworking spaces offer lunchtime events, areas where you can go and relax, and opportunities for you to grab a snack without looking at a computer screen. Utilising these features can vastly improve your wellbeing at work.

Areaworks Hackney Breakfast 


#2 Circulate

If you have ever worked from home, or been victim to the four walls of a traditional office space, then you will know all too well how easy it can be to get stuck in an environmental rut. In fact, research has shown that things such as air quality and lighting at work can have significant effects on brain function and productivity, so it makes perfect sense that being sat in one space all day, every day is no good for your health.

That’s why coworking spaces like Areaworks offer a number of places that you can work from, whether you’re feeling sociable or want to crack on with your project in peace, there will be a place for you to do it.

Not only do shared office spaces offer a flexible approach to work, but most coworking offices offer natural lighting, inspiring décor and natural plants, all of which have shown to improve wellbeing and the ability to be more productive at work.

When working from a coworking office like ours, we recommend you circulate. Don’t become stagnant for too long in one work spot, but instead try to shake things up from one week to the next. By standing and changing positions, you can top up your energy levels, improve both physical and mental health and it will help you take a break from the screen too.

Areaworks – a haven for plants! 


#3 Make Healthier Choices

Most coworking spaces offer on-site snacks, whether that is a fully kitted-out café, a help yourself canteen or vending machines galore, there is likely to be temptation at every turn! If you are really getting your teeth into a project, the last thing you might want to do is step away to grab a proper meal, and this is where things can go downhill.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s no problem with the odd bit of convenience food, but just like breaks are important, so are what you choose to fuel your body with. Poor nourishment has been proven to come with a host of downsides, including all of the following:

• Low fatigue
• Decreased mental effectiveness
• Lower energy levels
• Reduced ability to concentrate
• Decreased productivity

In fact, The International Labour Organisation found that poor nourishment accounted for up to 20% of productivity reduction in workers. Avoid skipping breaks, or mindlessly eating processed snacks throughout your day, and instead opt to take a stroll to your local independent eatery; getting some fresh air, and some time away from work can make all of the difference to your overall wellbeing.

Pho Mile – a 5 minute stroll for Areaworks Hackney. 


#4 Avoid Office Gossip

Shared workspaces offer a host of benefits and up there amongst the best is the sense of community that you get to be a part of, which really sets it apart from your average office. However, that being said coworking spaces are still offices, and with that, there is bound to be a certain level of office gossip from time to time.

Our next tip is knowing when to step back from office gossip, ensuring you’re engaging with the community in a way which is healthy and beneficial.

Most coworking spaces will be predominantly free from heavy gossip thanks to the change in dynamic, no boss and limited in-house competition, most users will find the shared office environment one which is positive and happy. However, if you do notice excessive gossip, which could become a distraction, keeping your distance can be the best solution for your own wellbeing.



#5 Be Prepared to Try More than One Coworking Space

There are new coworking spaces opening every week across London and the rest of the world, as the trend continues to grow and grow. With that in mind, don’t be surprised if you have to kiss a few frogs before finding your dream workspace!

Whether it’s down to opening hours, amenities, events, the space itself or just the general vibe, there is every chance that you may not warm to the first coworking office you try, and that’s alright.

Everybody works differently, and what may be working wonderfully for your friend, may not necessarily be what works for you. Don’t let your work or your happiness suffer because of a space, instead move around and try different shared offices until you find the perfect fit. Areaworks have a range of locations across London to help you find the best space for you!

Do you want a lively atmosphere with daily events and workshops, or something a little more low-key? Shop around, don’t be afraid to ask questions and see if there are trial options available so that you can really get a feel for the place before committing.

Final Thoughts: Are You Making The Most Of Your Coworking Space?

If you’re currently working from a coworking space, can you honestly say that you benefit from utilising all five tips we’ve covered today? If not, then why not get in touch with us? Whether you’re on the hunt for somewhere different to work from, or just want to chat with someone in the know about how you can improve your coworking experience – we can help!

We look forward to hearing from you soon, why not book a tour and we can show you around? In the meantime, happy coworking!

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