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Creating the best coworking spaces is our primary goal at Areaworks, similar to our new friends over at co-hire, as they seek to create the best jobseeker experience for their clients. Co-hire is a simple way for startups to start direct conversations with world-class technical people who are looking for work. We had a chat with Head of Growth, Tom, to find out more.

Tell us a bit about you, what’s your background?

I am Tom – Head of Growth at co-hire. Before joining co-hire, I spent four painful years working for a technical recruitment agency. It exposed three things to me:
1) The job seeker experience for technical people is awful
2) It’s nearly impossible for early stage companies to find great technical people without paying huge hiring fees
3) I wasn’t happy

At the time, two of my good friends and ex-colleagues had just started co-hire, a company that focuses on solving problem 1, and in doing so, solves problem number 2. They asked me to join as their Head of Growth, and I’ve been growing the company for the last 18 months (incidentally solving problem 3 too).

My responsibility is to make sure startups have the best possible experience using co-hire to find great technical people. I work across product, customer success and user experience to achieve this.

Why did you decide to open?

We started co-hire because there was no place people could go to find work that put them first. Recruitment agencies owned nearly all the advertising space in traditional places (job boards, LinkedIn etc), meaning great people avoided or ignored them. Finding and applying directly on companies’ websites was time consuming and often without reward.

It made it impossible for people to find positions at new, early stage companies. It also made it impossible for companies hiring directly to find these people.

Co-hire brings all the information of who is hiring into one place for people, and gives them all the information they want to know (technical requirements of positions, interview process, salary ranges etc.) and allows them to speak directly with the decision makers. And people seem to love it.This means that companies can then find these people, and reach out to them, in a place that they trust.

What’s been your biggest challenge so far?

Getting the flywheel of co-hire turning was the hardest part. It was hard to get jobseekers interested in co-hire when there were no jobs, and just as hard to get companies interested when there we no jobseekers. We had to push a lot of things uphill and the first six months of co-hire were very hard.

We still face massive challenges each day, but we now have 100 technical jobseekers, looking for permanent work in London accepted onto co-hire each week. And typically 100 startups actively hiring each week, which makes things a little easier. We’ve come a long way since both these numbers were zero!

What’s been the highlight so far?

Building a product that people genuinely love. We’ve been product focused since we started so when companies and people give us great feedback on it, we love it. We’ve also just hit a new milestone. Co-hire has started 2,500 conversations between people and startups, which is amazing to think considering that 18 months ago we didn’t even have a product.

What are your plans for the future?

Our focus will always be to continue to build the best jobseeker experience in the world for great people and making hiring affordable for early stage companies.

In the next year we plan to make sure co-hire serves all technical people and positions in London. The year after, we’ll make sure co-hire can do this internationally too.

Describe your company, what are your USPs?
Co-hire is the largest database of qualified technical people actively looking for permanent work in London. And we make sourcing and hiring these people simple, and affordable for early stage companies.

We are constantly growing our Areaworks family and are always looking for companies that can help our members. Co-hire is used by 600 start-ups who are growing their teams in London. We’ve put together a great offer for all our members, with co-hire offering a free month trial on co-hire’s accounts. To become a part of our Areaworks family book a tour and we can show you around one of our spaces.

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