Friends of Areaworks – Roos

We want our spaces to be a hub for the community. Places for people to create, inspire and it seems, share their songs. So, when Roos approached us asking for a space to host her new choir practice, we couldn’t say no.

Roos studied voice and production at university and later went on to become a fully qualified singing teacher and choir director. From there she went on to run choirs, one based in London Bridge called “The Bridge Choir” and “All the Voices” based in our space, Areaworks Manor House, as well as two children’s choirs in Canary Wharf. She is one busy lady! As well as running choirs, Roos has also taught singing and beginner piano at The London School of Arts. Now you may think that with all this Roos is short of spare time, but surprisingly, you’d be very wrong. As well as a gazillion choirs and classes, Roos has also sang and played in venues across the UK, Netherlands, Sweden and France. You can find Roos singing in venues such as Park Plaza and The Montague.

Roos’ work is made easy by the fact that singing is her passion. Singing is known for its positive effects on wellbeing (very important to us at Areaworks). In her words, “I will always sing in a choir because it helps me out”. As well as helping with wellbeing, singing also helps with learning and being more grounded “you have no choice, when you sing, you’re in the moment and it’s amazing, especially when singing with others”.

The choir session in Areaworks is open to our members and to the public and takes place at 8pm every Thursday evening at our Manor House space. Everyone is welcome, no matter their singing ability. “The choir is focused around improving as a choir: vocal technique, rhythmically, pitch and harmony and having lots of fun!” With songs from the Beatles, Adele and Queen and loads of musical games it’s a super relaxed atmosphere. So, in the words of Roos “go sing with people, it’s the best thing you’ll do”.

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You can take a peek at Roos in action here, find out more about Roos over on her website or on Facebook. You can also get in contact with us to book a spot at our Manor House choir practice.