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Love thy neighbour (especially if that neighbour runs a mezcal and Mexican street food bar).  As you know we love to connect with our community, so we’re teaming up with as many local businesses as we can. Sin Gusano is our latest collaboration. A residency just over the road from us here at Hackney, famed for its cocktails, food and all the mezcal you can shake a piñata at. Offering our members an exclusive discount – we had a chat with founder Jon to find out more about him and his Mezcal.

A bit about you, what’s your background?

I (Jon – Founder of Sin Gusano) used to work in the City of London (banking). I spent 5 years as a foreign exchange and money market trader and also worked as a financial journalist and recruiter. A couple of years ago I went on holiday to Mexico and pretty much fell in love (with the place, people, food, culture… and of course the mezcal).  I was on a 10-day holiday but I quit my job while I was there and stayed for 3 months (true story).

I’ve always had a hankering to start something of my own and always been one of those people that looks around bars/restaurants and thinks what I’d do differently. I decided to put my money where my mouth is. Nobody at the Sin Gusano project comes from a hospitality background and we’re happily breaking the industry norms of how things should be done.

Why did you decide to open?

I became a huge mezcal fan in Mexico and came to understand it as far more than just another drink. It’s the most ancient, varied, and delicious distilled drink in the world. But it’s also a fascinating window into the geography, history, and culture of a nation. Some of the most interesting production techniques, and the diversity of flavour that comes from them, are under threat from a booming and often corrupt industry.

Back from Mexico I went to every bar in London with a mezcal menu. I couldn’t find anywhere that had a decent selection or knew much about it, so I decided to source and import my own mezcal, and open my own bar to educate people. We’re offering a real insight to mezcal, in a casual and fun environment, as well as tasting/education events that are great for anyone that’s ever enjoyed a wine or whisky tasting (Mezcal is the best of both!). Planning a team night out or some client entertainment…. look no further!

What’s been your biggest challenge so far?

Too numerous to list, and overcoming each one provides the boost you need for the next. It’s a real rollercoaster giving up the day job and starting something new. I’ve spent months on the road in Mexico driving countless hours down dirt roads to find the remote producers of the most amazing artisanal agave distillates. There’s been some very immediate and physical challenges like cars getting stuck on mountain passes. And there’s been more diplomatic and logistical challenges, like working out export/import rules, and securing a licence from Hackney council. It’s all been a total change from my previous career so it’s all been exciting.

What’s been the highlight so far?

Every time you know a customer has been blown away by what we’re offering. Not everyone gets it, but those that do want to talk to you for ages and can’t get enough. What we’re doing is really unique in London. Having a happy customer come and shake your hand and tell you it’s awesome is a real boost.

What are the plans for the future? 

Lots. We’re putting together a limited run of takeaway tasting set of rare distillates that we personally sourced – you can’t find this stuff anywhere else. We’re also an official partner of London Mezcal Week, which is coming up in September. We have a growing calendar of social and cultural events at the bar, including creative workshops, talks, DJ nights, etc (check the events page of our website for details). In January we will close for a month while Jon goes back to Mexico to source some new incredible and rare mezcal.

Describe the menu, any signature dishes/drinks?

Our signature offering is our range of mezcal tasting flights. You get 3 different single measures of mezcal in a flight, each flight showcasing something interesting from the world of artisanal mezcal. Flights come served on our carefully annotated and illustrated menu. We also have a range of mezcal based cocktails and short list of beer and wine. Our food offering changes every couple of months, but it’s always delicious and affordable Mexican street food. Come try for yourself!

Areaworks  have teamed up with Sin Gusano to offer all our members some amazing discounts on their amazing drinks. We some great neighbours, we know! Have a peek at all the delicious food and drink Sin Gusano have on offer over on their website.

Head over here to book a tour of one of our amazing coworking spaces in London and find out how to become a member of the Areaworks family, so that you can take advantage of this amazing discount. See some of our other amazing member discounts here.


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