Friends of Areaworks – Tili, Meditation Teacher

Areaworks Hackney has been officially open for 4 months and we are already buzzing, with new members joining daily. At Areaworks, we truly believe that work-life balance is of the upmost importance, and it is something we try and help our members achieve on a daily basis. One thing we do to promote this is mindfulness and meditation. We have a lovely Falun Gong teacher Tili, who generously comes to our Hoxton space on Wednesday evenings to teach our members and the public, for free.

What is Falun Gong you may ask? Well, it is a form of meditation that cultivates the practice of training the mind and body. We met Tili when she walked into the office one day, liked the look and vibe of our space, and offered teach Falun Gong classes for our members. It was very clear that Tili was extremely passionate about this practice and her intentions are to help others and raise awareness of the practice.

We asked Tili how she discovered the Falun Gong practice and she explained, “I discovered this Buddha school Qi Gong cultivation way in New Zealand while I was travelling the world. I noticed some people holding their arms up and standing very still in the city.” She was immediately intrigued to discover what the teaching was all about. So curious, she approached them and was handed a newspaper which explained more about Falun Gong. Seeing this as such a positive practice for wellbeing, she instantly went back to the city to learn the practice in depth.

Tili tells us how Falun Gong has helped her, “From my personal experience, I have become much calmer, more patient and less fearful. Everyone is so unique so people have different experiences with Falun Data. My friend was diagnosed with ME and was pretty much house bound for 7 years and since practicing Falun Gong she has regained her energy and is functioning at full power.” Tili’s favourite part of the job is meeting open minded people and seeing people benefit from the practice.

If you are interested in trying out Tili’s classes, they take place from 6:15 – 7:30pm every Wednesday in our Hackney branch. After a long productive day at work, try this practice to wind down and feel fresh. You can also read our past blog post on how meditation can help productivity to see all the amazing benefits it can bring!

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