How the Design of a Coworking Office Affects Your Productivity

Whether you have always been part of a traditional office setting or have spent the last three years working from your bedroom, we have all faced that feeling of being unmotivated, a lack of enthusiasm and a willingness to procrastinate!

It is easy to blame these lacklustre feelings on the nature of the work itself, however there is overwhelming evidence to support the fact that the environment in which you work can have a direct impact on your ability to get things done.

So, if you are finding yourself hitting a brick wall when it comes to work progress, why not take a step back and ask yourself; is this the work environment for me? We help you understand and explore what physical features you will need to look out for in a coworking office space, in order to get the most out of each day for you and your team.

It’s All About That Lighting

Great lighting extends beyond the perfect selfie; in fact studies have revealed that natural light and a lot of it can be great for improving mood and boosting productivity.

Artificial lighting is of course a necessity in any office space, however where possible there should be a healthy amount of natural light allowed to flood through the space, after all there is nothing worse than feeling trapped and enclosed indoors.

Where natural light is not possible, opting for cooler lights will help mimic that natural feeling and will help you get things done without the need to strain your eyes causing headache and discomfort.

When it comes to affective lighting, it is just as important to ensure the design of your space is conducive to a productive day of work. So, avoid placing yourself in front of a window if on your computer, nobody wants that dreaded screen glare, and utilise the variety of working nooks with natural or cool lights to avoid intensely bright enclosed spaces.

Does The Space Compliment Your Working Style?

There are so many different ways of working, and there really is no right or wrong way as long as the job is getting done. That is part of the benefit to working from a coworking office space like ours, which offers a contrast of enclosed office spaces for focused quiet time, and communal desks, cosy pods and laid back features that promote collaboration, relaxation and inspiration.

If you are a lone-worker type, and prefer to use your time to drill down into the fine details in silence, we have the facilities to accommodate you. Likewise if you are part of a team, or just prefer the buzz of a busy workplace, there are ample spots that you can make yourself comfortable in.

The point here is that you should always consider the vibe of a coworking space as a whole before making any fast decisions. Coworking after all is still a fairly new concept, so whilst some of the best coworking spaces in London offer some fantastic spaces, there are also many that resemble four walls and masses of computer desks.

Do you like community, or prefer being by yourself? Do you value hi-tech appliances, or will a bit of Wi-Fi suffice? Knowing these things before you pick your environment will see you on the path to success.


There have been numerous studies done into the effects different colours can have on our mood, productivity and general well being. Let’s face it; if you are expected to work day in day out in a sea of beige, you are much less likely to be hit by a wave of inspiration anytime soon!

Let’s be honest, when we go looking for a place to work we don’t really factor in the décor as a reason to stick around. However, with evidence suggesting that our physical surroundings play a huge part in our work success, perhaps it is time to start thinking differently?

All of Areaworks coworking spaces have been well thought out to offer vibrant aspects using bold and bright yellow shades, which is proven to promote creativity and optimism, as well as whites and neutral shades for calmness and clear-headed thinking. We have also been sure to feature greens by the way of natural foliage and plants, which have been shown to have anxiety reducing qualities.

Despite using a variety of different shades throughout, we have used a specialist design to ensure that the whole environment flows, and that we can offer different coworking spaces for different types of workers.

Personality Is Important

Ultimately, if you are paying to work from a shared office space, then you are looking for an environment that will help you become more successful in your work. A huge part of what will propel you to success is a space with the right personality.

It may not seem like it at the start, but the personality of a coworking space is so important, and finding the right one for you can make all the difference. Do you love having fun, playing games and getting stuck in? Great – look for a coworking space that has breakout rooms, offers events and has the odd mid-week table top football game. If however you prefer to come in, do the work and leave, finding a place that is a little more formal may be better for your productivity.

We pride ourselves on our laid-back attitude, and have a diverse range of members that love using our space to achieve their work goals, as well as unwind over a coffee. However, not all coworking spaces opt to cater to the masses, and many niche-shared offices across London will drive their style towards a specific type of person or industry, so certainly do your research first!

Are You In The Best Coworking Space For You?

Choosing the ideal coworking office space is such a personal choice, and there are so many factors to should be considered before making the big decision! We pride ourselves on our ability to cater for a range of people, and offer a versatile way of working, however what may work for one, may not necessarily work for you. Read our blog on how to find the best coworking space in London for you, to get some great advice and inspiration!

If you want to take a tour of one of our spaces, and get a feel for the environment – why not get in touch or book a tour? You can assess the vibe, check out the different working spots and find out if ours is a space where you can really reach your potential!

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