How Passion Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Having a passion is important as it impacts us positively and brings great meaning to our lives. For some it’s easy, but for others, it can be hard to find your true passion. Trying different things is a great way to discover what you love.

Having a passion can create a break in our busy everyday lives as it’s usually something that brings us great pleasure and helps us feel fulfilled. Having a passion for something not only builds confidence but also resilience which ultimately helps our mental health and here is how:

Provides stress relief

Stress is closely linked to mental health: it can cause mental health problems and make existing problems worse. You’re more likely to develop a mental health problem if you struggle to manage stress. Having a passion relieves stress by providing balance. What do you do to deal with a bad or stressful day? Some of us work out, read a book or meditate – there are so many things we can do! However, the point is that by doing what you love or what you’re passionate about you create a sense of excitement and purpose as well as help your body relieve stress.

Improves self-esteem

Having a passion can help you feel fulfilled and accomplished, which is one of the key aspects of developing your self-esteem. Overcoming challenges and achieving goals that are related to your passion can help boost your self-esteem and thus, impact your thoughts more positively. Taking on challenges with things you already love doing will give you a sense of accomplishment and will have you feeling more confident in your abilities.

Builds resilience

Having a passion can make you more resilient by helping you identify your strengths as well as weaknesses and thus, provide a good sense of self. Say for instance you haven’t had a great day, having a passion helps you bounce back a lot quicker when you have something you can engage in that gives you joy and lifts you up. Therefore, having a passion can be amazing for your mental health and those vibes are contagious! When you’re passionate about something you also inspire others with your actions.


You can discover your passion at any age or stage in your life and your mental health will benefit. If you’re unsure about what your passion is or how to find your passion, a good place to start may be to ask yourself if there is already something you love doing because chances are, that deep down, you already know, you just haven’t realized it yet. If you’re passionate about growing your business or working in a space that helps you live life to the fullest, book a tour of one of our Areaworks spaces – turning your passion into your profession could be closer than you think! 

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