How we Made the Perfect Collaborative Office Space

Coworking offices in London aren’t a new concept anymore – it has quickly been proven to be an effective and successful way for people to work. So why are coworking spaces so popular? The old model of ‘traditional offices’ simply didn’t meet the needs of a new wave of workers; workers who rejected the traditional space in favour of something more inspirational and aspirational. From those who are working for themselves as freelancers or entrepreneurs to start-ups and companies who want a more efficient and effective way of working, the coworking innovation has been a total game-changer.

Areaworks’ aim is to create spaces for people to do their thing, in their own way, as easily as possible. That means offering the best environment for working, the best financial options and the best opportunities for collaboration so that communities can grow and thrive in each space.

Creating a collaborative office space for people to work in can be as simple as filling a room with desks and chairs. Creating a space for people to thrive in, to gain inspiration, motivation and the opportunity to work together to achieve big things, is very different altogether. Throw in the fact that everyone is different, has a contrasting professional life and varying needs, and you begin to understand why all our coworking spaces have had to be carefully designed to meet the needs of a wide range of workers.

Freedom for Freelancers

Freelancing can be incredibly flexible and freeing, and more people than ever are choosing a freelance career. However, working from home or café-surfing can be isolating and demotivating. While it might save money initially (until you factor in the endless coffees!), freelancers often miss out on networking and collaboration opportunities. Check out our blog on why freelancers should choose coworking.

Professional Facilities

Areaworks was created to offer a professional office space perfect for freelancers to build and expand their businesses hassle-free. They can benefit from super-fast uber-secure internet and professional IT support, quality printing options, meeting spaces to impress clients and the best coffee around (in our opinion anyway!) without the cost or commitment of a traditional office.

Community and Collaboration

Feeling ‘out of the loop’ and isolated can cause a huge drop-off in creativity and motivation, whereas a collaborative office space offers a chance to bounce ideas off all kinds of other like-minded individuals. In our spaces in Colindale and Hackney, we arrange events and meet-ups to make networking a breeze; getting people together to chat, connect with people they can collaborate with and share their experiences. As a result, we see personal and business relationships thrive and new ideas and collaborative projects spring up all the time.


Desk coworking fights isolation and builds inspiration in more ways than one. We believe the time we spend working should be enjoyed. From working up a sweat in the gym at Farringdon, to enjoying the views from the rooftop terraces in Hatton Garden and Hackney to the greenery of Beaufort park at our Colindale site, freelancers can expand their lives as well as their businesses.

Expansion for Entrepreneurs

We believe entrepreneurs should have access to professional-grade workspaces from day one. Whether you’re a start-up in the early days of your business journey or an established presence moving to the next level, coworking means that entrepreneurs can have all the benefits of a thriving, modern workplace, without any of the drawbacks.

Being an entrepreneur means doing things your way, so your workspace should allow you to choose what you need and don’t need, without compromise. Check out our guide to finding the perfect coworking space for entrepreneurs, for more insight on how coworking innovation can work for you.

The Right Impression

For entrepreneurs, giving the right impression to prospective clients is essential. Our coworking spaces allow each person to enjoy all the benefits of professional facilities while being affordable and flexible. This means you can forget worries over internet issues, printing problems and IT disasters. Stylish, modern and eco-conscious spaces with professional meeting spaces like those at Hatton Garden and Colindale allow you to make the right impression to clients in a space you can call your own.

Making Connections

One of the most important coworking concepts is connection. We have seen the benefits that come from having a space designed for people to connect, communicate and collaborate. Each of the Areaworks’ coworking and collaborative space offers a range of options so whether you want to knuckle down and get some work done, mingle with others over coffee or set up collaborative projects, you’re in the right space. Networking events and meet-ups make it even easier for individual entrepreneurs to reach out and work together. The friendships that pop up are a bonus.

Flexible Freedom

You know what you need, and you know how likely those needs are to change. That is why Areaworks is designed with flexibility in mind. As your business changes, expands and adapts to meet the needs of your clients, your package at Areaworks can change and be adapted to suit you. This gives you the ultimate peace of mind and means you’re never paying for stuff you don’t need. Need more time in the office? No problem. Travelling abroad for a while? That’s fine, have a great trip. This is office space that conforms to you, instead of demanding you conform to it.

A New Way of Working for Companies and Employees

While a lot of people think of coworking as something for freelancers and the self-employed, we firmly believe that coworking spaces are a fantastic option for companies and their employees. More and more companies are finding that they can both save money and boost productivity by using collaboratives office spaces, and more and more employees are benefiting from this. You can check out why coworking offices are best for start-up companies in our blog.

Individually Tailored

Having a traditional private office means jumping into a commitment to make the most of that space so that it’s financially viable. So, what if you don’t need a space all the time? Or your employees are spread out and have to commit to long commutes to reach a central office? How about the associated costs of insurance, IT solutions and support, equipment and utilities? For many companies, the cost and commitment of a private office is prohibitive and worse, all of these concerns stop you from actually getting on with what it is you do.

Coworking allows you to set up a package that suits you and your employees. It means you’ve got access to all the facilities you need with the affordability and flexibility that makes doing business so much easier. Areaworks even has private offices which are ideal for companies; check out our Hatton Garden and Colindale spaces for your potential dream office.

Professional Vibes

For a company, a professional appearance can be really important, especially for client-facing businesses. That is precisely why all the Areaworks coworking spaces are modern and professional with insta-worthy interior design. We have incorporated a range of different spaces within each location so that each user gets what they need when they need it – private space for meetings, breakout spaces to chill out, serious workplaces for when it’s time to focus, coffee areas where all the chat happens. Our spaces aren’t just professional, they are truly impressive and designed to give the right impression to businesses and clients alike. And if you need a little extra ‘je ne sais quoi’, check out the rooftop terraces at Hatton Garden and Hackney. The views speak for themselves!

Connections for Companies

Whether you would like to connect with freelancers, entrepreneurs or other companies, a coworking and collaborative space presents you with so many opportunities to meet potential collaborators. This is something you simply don’t get in a private, traditional office. By working in a collaborative office office, your company becomes an integral part of the coworking community. It provides you with a talent pool that you can rely on; you can build personal and working relationships with people who have the work ethic you need to build your company and expand its horizons. All the Areaworks spaces are designed to function as collaboration spaces whenever the opportunity arises.

You know your business best, so the best way to find the right workspace for rent is to come and have a tour. Get to know the shared workspace, meet our community, taste-test the coffee and see what we could do for you. Who knows, your dream office could be closer than you think!

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