Is Passion the Key Ingredient in Your Recipe for Success?

We’ve all heard it many times before, if not too many; ‘find your passion’, ‘do what you’re passionate about and everything else will fall into place’ and many other sayings with a similar sentiment. However, is passion the key ingredient in your recipe to success? Can you be successful by following your passion alone or is there more you need to succeed?

1. Can you be successful without passion?

Firstly, passion is not something you just find or learn to have, it’s something inside you, something you instinctively possess and you develop over time. Secondly, it’s important to note that while it can grow over time, it can also fade. We always hear people say that finding our true passion will lead us to our true purpose and eventually true happiness. And while there are some truths to this, following your passion is only one piece of the puzzle. It will get you started and excited, it will motivate you to want to succeed however, just like consuming sugar as a substitute for energy it burns quickly and comes in waves.

Another thing that we tend to do is confuse a hobby or interest for passion, and think that this will result in a career or business fulfilment. As an example, if you enjoy dancing, do you have what it takes to become a professional paid dancer and is being passionate about dancing going to lead you to success? You may be satisfied to just dance when you feel like it, rather than train every day of the week, twice a day for 10 years to achieve your goal of becoming a professional dancer. Skills, dedication, commitment and purpose are all required to succeed – passion is not enough.

2. It’s not passion, its purpose

Passion will get you started, and purpose will keep you going. Most of the time we focus on what gives us the most joy or fun and this is a passion mindset. Focusing on what you care about and aligning it with your passion, your values and the impact you want to have is what a purpose mindset is all about.

3. Is it all worth it?

Absolutely! You’re creating more possibilities to become successful. If you’re a passionate person or passionate about something, people will naturally see you as someone who enjoys their work more. Expressing your passion is beneficial as others will admire your drive and enthusiasm and may help you become more successful. Being passionate about your business or work will inspire people to be a part of it, especially if they’re passionate about the same thing.


We’re big believers in following your passion and hopefully making a successful career out of it. That’s how you get to do what you love. The question to ask ourselves is ‘what do I love so much that I’ll do everything that comes along with it?’ That right there is your true passion.

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