Local Artists Feature in Coworking Space Manor House

We are shutting the door on dull workspaces. Each of our coworking spaces reflects the originality of the area they’re in. What helps us achieve this is that our spaces are surrounded by a melting pot of entrepreneurs, startups, artists, musicians, and photographers. On our walls, you’ll find paintings from local artists and dotted throughout our spaces are features that reflect the space’s history.

Our coworking spaces in Manor House and Hackney are designed to be an open environment that is here to feed your imagination.

The connection between the arts and imagination goes back centuries. But don’t panic if you can’t sing like Adele or paint like Banksy. You don’t have to be a talented artist to feed your imagination. Just being in a space that displays art or is playing music is enough to give your imagination a boost.

The aim of our first showcase evening was to get to know the community who live and work in our area, but to also show how our coworking office space can support growth and inspire creativity.

Here’s a rundown on some of the local, talented artists that joined us on the evening:

Kirsty Amy Anne

Kirsty’s journey has taken her from her roots in Wakefield to Edinburgh, where she studied Photography and then onto London’s Goldsmiths University where she graduated in Applied Anthropology and Community Arts. Kirsty has recently moved to Manor House and is excited to be developing her studio here.

Taking inspiration from fellow conceptual artists like Cindy Sherman and Gillian Wearing as well as the urban environment, Kirsty describes her art as “a mixture of vibrant colours, shapes and patterns.” Her hope is that people will feel uplifted by her patterns that are fashioned on everyday mundane marks.

Kirsty is passionate about how art can aid in the recovery from mental health issues. She is focused on building her participatory arts practice and can be found leading regular workshops for organisations like the Yard Theatre and Action for Refugee’s in Lewisham. To read more about Kirsty, visit our blog post here.

Graeme K Cunningham

Graeme is an award-winning Scottish photographer. He has held exhibitions in his home town of Edinburgh and London, where he now calls home.

Before becoming a successful photographer, Graeme worked in graphic design for newspaper companies. This is a long way from his photographic work which is strongly influenced by fantasy and horror movies, and TV shows. As a child, Graeme spent hours in video stores looking at the artwork that covered horror movies. In his mind, he would construct his own horror movie, which were frequently so scary that he wouldn’t manage to get much sleep that night!

Graeme can be found creating pieces in his Manor House studio, accompanied by his cat, Melvin. Ideas for his work can develop over years, Graeme said “Sometimes I have the start of an idea, then a couple of years later I’ll think of the missing part and start to put it all together.”

The work Graeme displayed on the evening is part of a project called ‘We only come out at night’, that is partially based on TV shows like the Twilight Zone. To read more about Graeme, visit our blog post here.

Elly Maddock

Elly, or the ‘Queen of Pattern’ as she is also known, is a barista by day (we’ve heard she makes a great latte) and at night and on her days off, she is a colour-obsessed artist and accessory maker.

Originally from the West-Midlands, Elly moved to Hereford to study Art and Design. After that Elly headed to London to study Surface Design at the London College of Communication.

Elly surrounds herself with colour. Her bedroom walls, the clothes in her closet and even her bike are all an explosion of colour. Elly will probably notice the colour of your clothes before she registers your face. So, if you’ve arranged to meet up with her it’s probably a good idea to wear something bold or she may not notice you!

Elly’s work is a reflection of her outgoing and caring personality. She loves to be happy and to make other people happy. By creating work that combines humour, bold colour and patterns she hopes her creations will bring pleasure and laughter to someone’s life.

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Margaux Colnard

The centrepiece of our showcase evening was an intricate costume designed and hand-crafted by local designer, Margaux Colnard.

Margaux is a graduate of the London College of Fashion and has displayed her bold creations at several exhibitions.

Margaux commented that “my inspiration comes from feelings and my perception of the world as I see it.”

Margaux’s extravagant designs are often made from a mix of traditional fabrics with non-traditional materials. We were surprised to find out that the costume she displayed at our showcase event was made from pieces of rubbish that Margaux had collected from the Manor House warehouse district.

In a world where our seas are full of plastic due to our ‘throw-away’ nature, Margaux created the costume to draw people’s attention to the importance of recycling and sustainability. To read more about Margaux, visit our blog post here.

Will Corder

Will is fascinated by people and the history and stories that lie behind their exterior. Specialising in portrait and editorial photography, Will says “he creates beautiful and moody images that are full of narrative and interest.”

Will’s life has been like one of two halves. He grew up in a serene village in rural Yorkshire. Later, he started a career in HR, but following a conversation with a colleague, who effectively asked Will if he was happy in what he was doing, he made the decision to follow his passion and several years later he is now a highly acclaimed photographer.

The work Will displayed for us was a combination of portrait and landscape shots. Will hopes that his work leads the viewer to question the meaning behind his work and to explore the relationship between them and it.

A self-proclaimed tea addict, Will can be found in his London studio, photographing people of all kinds in all kinds of situations. When he is not doing this or planning his next project, Will loves to travel and explore new places and to find new people to photograph.

Maria Yiasoumi

We know her as Maria Yiasoumi but you may know her by her Instagram handle @lazyoptics.

Maria is a local artist and sculptor, who focuses on creating laser and outdoor sculpture installations. Her work has been displayed at events like The Big Chill and the Stoke Newington Festival and at the Foundry in Old Street.

Jumping between working in silence and listening to songs from Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin, Maria says her work is “an investigation into the phenomenon of light and structure within moments in time.” Maria works across several media including drawing, sculpture, photography, and installations.

One of the pieces Maria displayed at our event was a hand-crafted stone carving and laser abstraction that was created on an artist’s residency in the stunning town of Canserrat, near Barcelona. It was a labour of love for Maria, who carved the stone during the day and at night shone the laser light over the carving to create a photographic print. To read more about Maria, visit our blog post here.

We’re open in your area, for your area. Come along, enjoy a cuppa or two, have a chat with one of our community managers and see what’s happening in our community coworking spaces. Drop us a line if you want to arrange a viewing. 


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