Meet Josh

You didn’t think Grazina could run that huge space up in Colindale all by herself, did you? With new members flocking in by the day, we needed a new team member to help out with our biggest space yet. So, enter Josh, football fan and self-confessed foodie, he is Areaworks’ newest recruit! But we’ll leave it to the man himself to explain the rest…

Hi there,

My name is Josh, and my role is Community Representative for Areaworks. I have recently left seasonal work and decided to get a full-time job where I’m able to use my social skills to communicate and build relationships with clients. Prior to this, I have worked as a football coach since I was 13 years of age, teaching children from ages 4 to 11.

Having been a member of a coworking space before, I knew that this was an interesting opportunity for me to be working on the other side of the business. What drew my attention to Areaworks was its welcoming atmosphere and its ability to complete the task at hand in a professional yet informal manner. The company’s philosophy to answer problems face-to-face, when possible, rather than through email all create a human environment which differs from other coworking spaces, encouraging the building of relationships.

Being able to speak to clients from all different walks of life is definitely a perk of the job for me, as each member has their own experience to offer on a variety of topics. This is what makes coworking spaces exceptional for startups, as different clients are able to assist each other with their individual skills, helping everyone excel in fields where they might otherwise have struggled.

After work, I like to play football with my friends or go to the local gym. I enjoy pushing myself whether it be at work or in my own activities. Food is another passion of mine which I have inherited from my family, who have been in the restaurant industry for two generations. This is a passion I hope to one day pursue myself.

Meet the rest of our community team; EmmaKat, Grazina and Silvija over on our blog. If you would like to join our amazing coworking community in Colindale (or any of our spaces) just book a tour – we’d love to show you around and sit down for a cuppa!