National Work-Life Week

National Work-Life Week is a campaign that aims to raise awareness about achieving a work-life balance. It is an initiative by “Working Families” that, as they say: “gives employers the chance to showcase how they provide work-life balance for their staff”.

At Areaworks, work-life balance is hugely important to us and is something we try and help all our members achieve with our coworking spaces. We having taken this week as an opportunity to pay more attention to how our members incorporate the balance in their working lives and maybe make it a little bit easier.

There is no one way to keep everything in balance and everyone has their own ways of trying to achieve that all import equality between work and life. This week, we wanted to try put a focus on how we can increase our happiness at work. How to make the most of this time that takes up so much of our life. So we focused more on how to kick-off the week on the right foot and how we can make it less painful.

We asked our members for their tips on how to have a great Monday.

We received some very interesting responses, many of which could be grouped into different categories. One of these was wine so that gives you a taster of the answers we got back!

Some people said that they make their Monday better by “calling sick and ordering pizza!”, or “start the weekend on Tuesday”. Others go straight to “take a day off” or the art of positive affirmation by “believing the weekend is only 4 days away”. All of these answers involve some kind of not working, which is one way to deal with a Monday – but some of our other members took a different tact!

A few members advise small everyday pleasures to make Mondays easier: “£5 movie right after work”, or a “Walk along the canal for 5-10 minutes” and even “Just smile”. Finally, there were a few tips that not only stood out, but we thought were very interesting, balance oriented, and focused on making the best out of the time we have. It seems like our other members couldn’t agree more.

We took the top six answers and put it to a vote! In addition to some that we have already mentioned, the other favourites of the Areaworks community were: “Start your day by thinking of 3 things you’re grateful for” and “Get all the s**t jobs done first thing in the morning so they are off your mind. THEN, celebrate with a beer at the end of the day to set a good mood for the week!” as well as “Cleaning your energy from the weekend. Repeating your affirmations. Ready to start the fresh week!”.

Keep an eye out on our social channels as we will be announcing our winner!

We think that incorporating some/all of these bits of advice could really help improve any Monday and ensure you get the week off to the best start! Adding some small everyday pleasures to that and you won’t even need to take a day off to have a great Monday or any other weekday for that matter!

To celebrate National Work-Life Week at our Areaworks branches we organised a special community breakfast to make our members time at work a bit more pleasant and give them some extra energy for all that hard work they are doing!

So even though our coworking spaces are open from 9am to 6 pm (or 24/7 if you need it!), we do encourage our community to have a healthy balance between work and life! To join our Areaworks community book a tour of one of our spaces to see all that we have to offer.

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