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Areaworks was created as an alternative to the uninspiring, traditional coworking spaces. We truly believe that when individuals are given the opportunity to work in a space that is open, free from constraints and that is flooded by natural light, creativity and ideas will flourish. Our vision is to champion local businesses and provide a coworking space where they can form open relationships with other businesses and share ideas.

As part of celebrating our connection with the local area, our ‘Friends of Areaworks’ feature will showcase some of the inspiring businesses that either surround our spaces or are members of our coworking spaces. For our first ‘Friends of Areaworks’ feature, we were thrilled to sit down and chat with the founders of Seven Sisters Brewery, Chris and Tristan and their new partner Julio.
Find out how they went from the classroom to a plant room distilling their own beer.

Areaworks: What’s your connection to Areaworks?
Seven Sisters Brewery: “Somebody we know mentioned that a new business in the area was holding an open-party and suggested we get involved. We were thrilled to supply the beer for the event, which also helped raise money for Mind in Haringey.”

Areaworks: How do you describe your business?
Seven Sisters Brewery: “We describe ourselves as a Nomadic Brewery that brews all around London. We started as two teachers homebrewing in a one bedroom flat in Finsbury Park – we took some of the homebrew to a local restaurant (Max’s in Crouch Hill) and he liked it so much he told us we had to make it legal for him to sell. So, we did!”

Areaworks: What do you love about what you do?
Seven Sisters Brewery: “We all have full time jobs that can be office based (teaching and retail) the brewery allows us to be involved with a very physical line of work. We keep fit by lifting kegs of beer instead of weights!

Areaworks: What do you love about working in this area?
Seven Sisters Brewery: “What we do gives us the opportunity to brew all over the place, but we mainly supply places in North London – so we feel a great connection with Manor House / Stoke Newington. There’s a great beer scene around here and the potential for it to get even better. People are very supportive and love the fact that we are local.”

Areaworks: How does your company benefit local people?
Seven Sisters Brewery: “One of the great things about running a brewery is that it gives us the opportunity to interact with all kinds of people in the community. At Stroud Green Market, via the local shops, pubs and restaurants we supply and through events such as the one we did at Areaworks. We like to think we bring people together with beer.”

Areaworks: What’s been the best moment so far (apart from chatting with us!)?
Seven Sisters Brewery: “The best moment for us was getting asked to register our brewery which really marks the start of our business…this means we could sell the beer to Max’s. That was a big moment as it showed someone who was completely outside of our friendship/family group was expressing belief in the product we were making. We felt then that we could turn our dream into a reality.”


Areaworks: What’s been the biggest challenge?
Seven Sisters Brewery: “We love living and working in London, but it’s also the cause of some sleepless nights. We lie there sometimes thinking how can we get our beer around London in a cost-efficient way? We’re still working on the answer.”

Areaworks: What great things can we expect from Seven Sister Brewery in the future?
Seven Sisters Brewery: “There are lots of exciting things planned for Seven Sisters Brewery. We are looking to increase production, we’re testing out some new recipes and are looking for more places to stock our beer.”

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