Looking for Office Space? Here’s Why You Should Consider Areaworks

Office space in London can be hard to come by — especially when searching for offices at affordable rates. But finding an office in London doesn’t need to be such a stressful pursuit; Areaworks might just be the solution to your problems.

Imagine this: your overheads are gone. Your office insurance is covered. The interior design is inspired. Your staff are more focused. And your clients are impressed. If this sounds too good to be true, you haven’t toured our coworking offices yet. These are just a few examples of what coworking provides, so read on to find out what else Areaworks can offer you and your business — and all at far more reasonable rates than your traditional office in London.

Big Benefits

The fact is, long before the pandemic, businesses both big and small have been benefiting from this modern way of working; and so have startups. But now that COVID’s impact has changed the way we work, many offices are operating at half capacity while others have their employees working from home, making your typical office a very expensive overhead to maintain. With coworking, employees can regain the space required for focused, productive work — and social distancing — without impacting upon the pressurised office space in London at all.

Other firms have been taking advantage of our meeting spaces, or enjoying the opportunity to host COVID-safe company events. Of course, once restrictions lift, the community events that make coworking such a cohesive, positive working atmosphere will recommence; but for now, we have provided a safe space for you and your employees to comfortably gather.

And if you’re keen to find out what measures we’re taking to keep you all safe in COVID-19, simply click here.

London is the UK’s Coworking Hub — So Why Choose Areaworks?

Your office talks. Whether to prospective employees or important clients, how you present your office says a lot more than you realise about your company. Your office, just like your branding and advertising, should be the embodiment of your company and its culture. Having a professionally designed office, with ergonomic setups that benefit employee health (and client or stakeholder comfort), emanates professionalism. It says you care about the people you hire. It says you are calm and collected; in control of your environment. It inspires trust and loyalty. And it’s impressive.

If you want to experience the impression you’ll provide first-hand, book a tour with us today. No-strings attached.

Where Will You Work?

With coworking offices spread across London, your employees can reduce their commutes by travelling to their nearest coworking location. Or, if you want to keep it traditional, they can come together in one central hub.


Hatton Gardens has all your basics covered, along with a generous sprinkling of extras. You’ve got the standard meeting rooms, breakout rooms and tube less than five minutes away; but you’re also able to enjoy your own on-site cafe, on-site gym, and access to private offices.

What might that look like? Take a peek at our Farringdon coworking offices.

The personal trainer-led fitness studio, N.O.C.H, is now open! Watch out for the launch of N.O.C.H’s wellbeing sessions in July 2021.


Is this closer to home? We’ve got it all here in North-West London, just five minutes from the train station you’ll find private offices, meeting rooms, breakout spaces and endless tea and coffee all day.

Keen on liquid motivation? Colindale could be the space for you.


Located right beside Regent’s Canal, you can work in Central London for a fraction of the cost of a typical office. Set up with meeting rooms, breakout spaces, and only five minutes from the train; you can put yourself and your workforce in the centre of it all.

Take a peek at what our Hackney coworking offices have to offer and see if you can picture yourself coworking in Hackney.

An Overview of Areaworks: Amenities, Perks and Packages

At our coworking offices, you have the flexibility to work how you work best, whether in an enclosed office, dedicated desk, or hot-desking. Not looking for a commitment? We’ve got Day Desks available for just £25 whenever you fancy a session of focused work.

Conveniently located, all of our offices in London are walking distance from restaurants and tube stations; some of them even boast on-site gyms and cafes with baristas at the ready.

COVID-19 has taught us the value of human connection, and once we are allowed to restore our events such as yoga, workshops, networking, talks, and socials, the coworking community can be brought together again to enjoy improved working relationships.

Our private floors are a popular option for expanding businesses as well as organisations looking to de-densify their offices. Private floors boast their own perks as well with kitchenettes, meeting rooms, breakout areas and storage.

And lastly, you can always opt for a Club Membership to enjoy use of the lounges as and when you need. And we’ll let you in on a club secret: our Club Membership is the best value in London.

Not to mention the restaurant and rooftop bar launching at Areaworks Farringdon this winter.

Moving to Your New Office Space in London

Whether you’re looking for shared office space or a floor to yourself within London, there’s a space to suit everyone’s working needs at Areaworks. From creatives to number-crunchers, and everyone in between, the networking and collaboration possibilities are endless.

Decked out with office equipment, standard utilities, maintenance and support covered, coworking is a far more cost-effective way to work compared to purchasing or renting traditional offices in London. And all of this before we even discuss the perks of on-site baristas and gym access.

But don’t take our word for it — we’d like to invite you to see it for yourself. Book a tour with us today to find out whether we will become your next office in London.

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