Spotlight – Graeme K Cunningham

Our Manor House coworking and event space is surrounded by an eclectic mix of mechanics, musicians, artists, and designers. As part of our local artist spotlight series, we shine the light on our neighbour, the talented photographer and illustrator, Graeme K Cunningham, who was part of our lineup of artists showcased during our Grand Opening Event last March. In his own words, he’s a ‘dap-hand’ at several things including photography, retouching, illustration, and design.

Graeme is a proud Scotsman and was brought up in the historic city of Edinburgh,working as a graphic artist for several newspaper titles, until 2013 when he went back to college to study a BA in Photography so he could start his dream career as a professional photographer.

Graeme is fascinated by the ‘dark side’ and this is often reflected in his work, which he describes as “dark, cinematic and OTT”. He explained to us how he would spend a lot of time in video shops when he was younger (for those who remember what video is!), being fascinated by the illustrations that adorned the front of horror movies. For inspiration, fellow artists that influence his work now include Dutch photographer, Erwin Olaf, political visual artist, John Heartfield, and Welsh illustrator, Ralph Steadman.

Currently, Graeme is working on a black and white series, whereas up until now, he mostly experimented with colour. He’s actually come up with a unique way of noting down his ideas and is using his Instagram account as a digital sketchbook. Take a peek at his work here.

Like many, music is a hugely important part of the creative process for Graeme. Currently, his playlists consist mostly of Synthwave (if you’re not familiar with it, it’s a form of electronic music inspired by 80’s movie soundtracks and video games) including artists like GosT and Carpenter Brut. But his absolute favorite thing to listen to is music by the American rock band, The Melvins (he has even named his cat after them!).


During our opening event, the pieces Graeme displayed were from a project called ‘We only come out at night’, partly inspired by the writing of Baudrillard and music from Tom Waits. The pieces are in a way, homage to anthology shows like the Twilight Zone. The events unfolding in each ‘episode’ take place in one night under the same full moon. He used his hometown of Edinburgh as the background for the shots.

Graeme states that “on the surface, the images are quite fun, it’s meant to sort of poke at this idea of us collectively losing touch with reality, as we’re consumed by ever more exciting simulacrum.”

Graeme was delighted to support us on our grand opening evening. The draw of local beer supplied by Seven Sisters Brewery and the chance to mingle with other local artists were just the right reasons Graeme needed to escape his winter hibernation from his Manor House studio.
You can check out some of Graeme’s cinematic work on his website –


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