Spotlight: Kirsty Amy Anne

Our Manor House grand opening event back in March was an evening full of fun and ideas. A mixture of inspiring art, music, food and beer provided by local artists and businesses in the area.

There was so much talent on display that night that we have created a series of spotlight posts on the local artists and businesses that took part in the evening. We caught up with visual artist, 80’s pop music lover and true crime fan, Kirsty Amy Anne to find out about her journey from Wakefield to Manor House, what inspires her work and what she thought about our opening event.

Kirsty grew up in Wakefield (a small city not far from Leeds). She then went to study Photography at Edinburgh College of Art. After graduating she went to work in a variety of community-based roles, such as a Community Artist and a Community Development Worker.

In 2016, Kirsty moved back to London to study for a Masters in Applied Anthropology and Community Arts at Goldsmiths University. In 2017, she was selected as a lead artist for the Culture’s Citizen Programme.

Kirsty cites fellow artists, Cindy Sherman and Gillian Wearing, icons of the conceptual arts field, as inspirations for some of her works. Kirsty’s passion is exploring the connection between creativity and mental health. Having some experience in Art Psychotherapy herself, she volunteers with mental health creative charities and is always keen to learn how art and creativity can support mental health recovery by providing hope and pleasure.

A self-confessed podcast addict, Kirsty also draws inspiration from the urban environment around her and the communication marks that are left by humans on the environment. For her, something as simple as street art, road markings or graffiti are actually us being humans, universally acting on our instinct to make a mark and say, how peeling paint and light damage are in turn, traces left by us in our urban landscape.

Kirsty’s work is a mixture of colour, pattern and shapes. She aims to create colourful and uplifting patterns from mundane everyday marks that are created by humans or the environment, saying, “I want people to see the beauty in the little things, notice the impact of time and how we create and share space within the urban environment. People are always rushing, it’s good for us to sometimes slow down, go for a walk or ride a bike and observe what is around us.”

We were very lucky to have Kirsty display some of her latest artwork pieces at our grand opening event. What’s even better is that some of these pieces had been displayed in public for the first time. Kirsty’s new pieces marks a shift from her earlier works to a more playful abstract process.


Although our building has been here for a while, Areaworks is new to the area of Manor House and so is Kirsty. Kirsty recently moved to the warehouse district after graduating from her Master’s degree. Kirsty said that “I enjoyed connecting with other local artists and being in a creative hub sharing my practice. It also provided me the opportunity to collaborate with other artists and have a good work/life balance. I am quite new to the neighbourhood and it was great to be involved in a community event, I feel further embedded into the local community.”

Openness, collaboration, community; this is what Areaworks is truly all about. Oh and Kirsty did say the local beer was delightfully good too.

Pieces of Kirsty’s work can be seen on her Instagram account: Click Here.


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