Spotlight – Margaux Colnard

When we were planning our Manor House showcase event we wanted something spectacular to form the centre piece for the evening. We didn’t have far to look.

We heard that there was a lady nearby who creates beautiful and extravagant costumes from a mixture of materials. We contacted Margaux, who agreed to showcase one of her bold designs at our opening event.

The costume filled our space and it was the topic of lots of conversations during the evening.

We wanted to find out more about Margaux, so we caught up with her to find out where she gains inspiration from and what she thought of our showcase event.

Check out some of Margaux’s work on here:

Margaux is a Master’s graduate from the London College of Fashion and University of the Arts, London.

Margaux, explained that the designers who influence her work are the iconic British “rebel” fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and the singer, writer and composer Nick Cave. On a personal level, Margaux said that her inspiration simply comes from her feelings for what is surrounding her.

Margaux starts the process for creating her costumes by studying the fabric, seeing how it is structured and how it moves. Then she visualises the finished piece and decides on the best way to structure it. When asked how she describes her work, she says “they are extravagant and bold but with a focus on intricate design. I try to create costumes that are playful but subversive.”

The piece that Margaux displayed in our community space had a strong connection to the local area. The costume was made from pieces of plastic that had been collected from the warehouse district in Manor House. Margaux explained that the piece aims to draw the viewer to focus on sustainability and recycling in their environment.


We and everyone there couldn’t believe that something so beautiful could be created from pieces of local rubbish!

Margaux, was thrilled to take part in our opening event. She said it was a great opportunity to have contact with the local community in which she lives and works. She added that the venue was an ideal place to display a piece that is in some way created by the local people.


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