The Bright Side of Quarantine

Quarantining and self-isolation impacts us all in different ways. For some, adjusting to our ‘new normal’ is hard, and our day to day has completely changed but for others, the thought of getting some time at home to refresh and recharge is a positive. So we wanted to take a look at quarantine life, and what it means for different people.

1. Which type of quarantiner are you?

We’re all different and we’ll all be having different experiences during these uncertain times. But we want to know, what type of quarantiner are you? Some will be obsessive cleaners and tidiers who will use this time to declutter their already immaculate home. Others will indulge in becoming amateur chefs and experiment with new recipes, now with plenty of time to cook and bake, free of their previously too busy schedules.

There will be the super positive people who are grateful to have all this time to focus on yoga and meditation and then we have the people who will let themselves go without showering or changing their clothes for days, as no one is around to see them! The fitness fanatics who have found the best ways to keep fit even in a tiny apartment. And, then we have the people who spend every evening on calls with family and friends.

We’ve all had to adjust to this quarantine life and find what works best for us and for many we’re a mix of all of the above!

2. Physical distancing rather than social distancing

Hundreds of thousands of people are under lockdown isolating in their homes and keeping their social distance as per government advice. Social distancing makes it sound like people should stop communicating, while instead, it’s the time when we all should come together and support each other as a community. With the use of technology, we can still stay social, communicate with friends and loved ones online whilst still remaining physically distant. WHO has changed the saying from social distancing to physical distancing, as the ability to be social still remains.

3. How to make the most of quarantine

We’re all guilty of putting things on the long finger, telling ourselves that ‘we’ll do it when we have more time’. Well, we now have no excuse! Now, we’ve all the time we need to learn something new, improve a skill, or start a hobby we’ve always wanted to try.

We’ve put a list together of a few suggestions on how to use your time and make the most of quarantine.

1. Cooking is a great skill to learn
2. Learn a new language… or two
3. Exercise daily, even a quick 10 minutes a day
4. Sit down and reflect on your life and relationships
5. Read that book on your shelf which has been collecting dust for months
6. Catch up with old friends who you lost touch with
7. Make a daily to-do list to increase productivity
8. Keep a diary
9. Take up yoga and meditation
10. Learn a new skill (playing an instrument, drawing or painting, pilates…the list is endless!)
11. Visit a virtual exhibition
12. Take part in a virtual quiz
13. Take part in a virtual house party
14. Cook together with your friends/family while all on a video call
15. Start that project you always wanted to work on
16. Organise your computer files (not the most exciting task but highly beneficial!)
17. Spring clean – declutter your home from the things you don’t need
18. Take a virtual dance class
19. Update your CV
20. Binge on your favourite TV show

No matter what you want to do, you can make the most of your quarantine life. Let us know of any other great suggestions you have on how to navigate these difficult times. Happy quarantine 🙂 

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