Tips and Tricks to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

Let’s be honest: keeping the productivity up at all times is one of the biggest challenges of modern working life. Waking up early, walking out the door without an actual breakfast, commuting to work and spending 8+ hours at a desk can be exhausting. We can relate.

Hence why we decided to share some of our tips and tricks to improve your productivity in the workplace.

1. Workspace ergonomics

It’s easy to think that providing people with a nice place to work; a desk, a chair and a good Wi-Fi is enough, and to forget how design affects people. But poor office design or ergonomics can have a huge impact on creativity and productivity.

First things first, comfortable office furniture can make a big difference. Ergonomically designed chairs and laptop stands, for example, will help reduce posture-related injuries that are caused by poor workstation design and sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Secondly, a decent amount of breakout areas so people can escape, refresh and keep the burnout away. The prefrontal cortex, aka the “thinking part” of the brain, deals with concentration, logical thinking, executive functioning and builds up the willpower to override impulses. It’s basically the part of the brain that helps you throughout goal-oriented work. Having regular breaks would then help the prefrontal cortex to recharge and refresh and avoid decision fatigue. Having an office space with good breakout areas is, therefore, a must!

Finally, small items such as a foot hammock to hang under your desk, an air humidifier, nice stationery or some indoor plants could help make your work environment a nicer place to be, which always helps to boost productivity!

We have designed our Areaworks spaces with all of these things to ensure you’re working in the perfect workspace!

2. Beat the post-lunch slump!

We’ve all been there. The clock hits 2:00 pm and as energised as you were in the morning, you find yourself yawning or getting easily distracted. Making decisions sounds almost impossible and you start counting down the hours until you can walk out the door. Finding motivation and being productive is one thing, but how do you maintain those productivity levels all day long?

Rather than having another coffee, we suggest going for a walk outside. Fresh air and being physically active will help you be more creative and productive.

Having a snack also helps; as long as you stay away from refined sugars as they can actually worsen your slump once the sugar rush is over. We recommend a banana (or fruits in general), or nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, or walnuts instead. They will provide a steadier source of energy. Staying hydrated also massively helps!

Finally, a change of scenery could do you the world of good! Indeed, switching your work environment can make a big difference in your tiredness levels. Going to sit outside, or in another room will help get your creative juices flowing!

3. Understand your staff

We all have different ways of working. Some are early birds, others are night-owls. Some work better in buzzing environments while others need calm and stillness.

Either way, it’s always good to understand your staff and how they work, as well as offering some flexibility if you want to boost productivity in the workplace. For example, if someone suffers from insomnia and tends to be more productive in the evenings, it would be counter-productive to impose very strict working hours with an early start. Instead, offering some flexibility on the working hours could help these people stay motivated and productive at a time of the day when they feel at their best.

On the contrary, if one of your staff members is very productive early in the morning and tends to get tired towards the end of the day, it might be helpful to allow them to start their workday early so they can give 100% of themselves instead of feeling obliged to stay at the office for the sake of it.

Some flexibility on where your staff work is a great way to enhance productivity so they don’t feel trapped or chained to one desk. Breakout areas in a coworking space are ideal for this!

While not everybody can offer flexible working times, it’s always good to offer some kind of flexibility so your staff members feel trusted and well looked after, which is the route to success!


That’s it; you now know our top tips to increase productivity at work, and we’re looking forward to hearing if you’ve implemented them! Let us know 😊 To find an office space that helps you increase your productivity, book a tour of one of our Areaworks spaces to see all that we have to offer. Who knows, increased productivity could be closer than you think! 

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