Top 5 Apps to Get You Organised in 2019

Is there anything better than the feeling of being organised? Yeah, we didn’t think so! We all have different ways that we get our life together and get on top of daily tasks. But in this day and age, we live in a fast-paced world with lightning speed lifestyles so, we decided to pull together a list of some amazing apps that can help you organise your way to a better 2019! So please read on, this might be the go-to guru app fix to help organise your life!

1. Habit List

This free app is definitely for those health nuts who want to focus on keeping track of healthy habits. Whether it’s exercising more, eating healthier or being more mindful. It simply works by setting a habit you would like to form and stating how often you would like to do it.

This could be daily, weekly, monthly; you have the freedom to decide. Not only does the app set reminders to pop-up on your phone to keep track, but it also has motivational streaks too. So, you really have no excuse!

If in 2019 you are looking for ways to develop healthier habits, this app is for you!

2. Procesterapp

Do you have trouble with procrastinating? Trust us, we can relate. This free app helps procrastinators get back on track by offering helpful suggestions to diagnose the cause of your distraction and give you positive tips on how to get your focus back. A lot of the time the reason why we procrastinate is due to our mindset. Common causes are due to thinking the task is too big, not knowing where to begin or wanting to perfect the job.

In the app, there is a feature to set reminders for tasks and projects recurring throughout the day in order to help you avoid getting distracted. This app also shows you how well your productivity is progressing over days, week’s month and years.

This is the one for you if you need a reminder to stay consistently productive – a great one for freelancers who need to stick to stringent timelines.

3. Evernote

Ever wake up in the middle of the night with your next big idea? Or have a major brainwave but now way to record it? If these scenarios sound familiar, then this app is perfect for you!

This app allows you to keep on top of important notes and it also lets you record a meeting, allowing you to be more present and in the moment as opposed to focusing on writing stuff down!

If you’re an on the go coworker who has a couple of meetings a day, then this app can definitely help you. This one has a price tag to download; however, its features are definitely worth it.

4. Smarter time

How many times have you gotten to the end of a day only to think, where have all the hours gone? We’ve been there far too many times (sure, time does fly when you’re having fun in our coworking spaces!).

This clever app helps you organise your life more efficiently. It does this by tracking your activity online, automatically. For example, quick movement on your phone may relate to your morning run which you had entered into the app. Smarter Time will be able to identify what is a priority and what isn’t, and all the data is pulled together into a handy report to help you analyse your time.

For the coworkers out there who struggle to manage their time or just need a little helping hand to be more efficient, this app is for you.

5. Pocket

Pocket is the perfect app for you if you struggle to stay away from the internet! Hands up, who’s guilty? Yeah, we’re there with you! Pocket enables you to save articles and videos to view at a time when you’re not bogged down with work removing those distractions (although entertaining) that get in the way. The best part is you can access these saved items offline – perfect for those tube journeys when you want to stay occupied. You can also sync your saved data to multiple devices.

If you’re always on the go, this app could be a real asset. It will also help you separate your work life from your personal life, all while ensuring that the latest viral video doesn’t distract you from that all important deadline.

It goes without saying that in this day and age technology can help us be more efficient in life. Despite this, the distractions of our smartphones can also hinder our productivity.

It’s the case of being more mindful of how you use your phone. Download our top 5 apps and your trusty phone could turn into a serious life saver. Just like these super apps, our Areaworks coworking spaces are designed to help our members achieve a better work-life balance. If you’d like to become a member of one of our spaces, book a tour to see all that we have to offer – we’d love to show you around!

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