What Makes a Coworking Community

Anyone that has moved from working from home to coworking will tell you the same story about their home work situation– it’s too close the fridge and there’s no one to talk to. It’s human nature to need to connect, whether social or professional. That’s why coworking is so important to so many people, it allows you to become part of something. Freelancing or working for yourself is great; however, the lack of teammates sometimes means we can lack motivation as it’s too easy get away with scrolling though social media… Coworking allows you to have the freedom of working for yourself, with the sense of community you might have lost when you took the freelancing plunge!

A thriving community isn’t something that just happens. It’s the result of carefully thought out engagement processes. Getting a bunch of adults to talk to each other can sometimes feel like a school dance situation, but much like a school dance – once some start everyone joins in. These engagement processes can be anything from new member meetups to a community notice board, to engagement events; it’s all about creating conversation and connecting people.

But as we all know; a community needs a space to thrive. A coworking office is much more than four walls and a desk! Our coworking spaces are meticulously designed to help with productivity and inspire creativity. That’s why our coworking offices in London are filled with art, natural light, plenty of plants and break out spots. Read our recent post on how your work environment can impact productivity. And it’s not just shared workspaces that are now beginning to understand the importance of use of space – large corporations are getting in on the action. “The most creative ideas aren’t going to come to you when you’re sitting in front of a monitor” – says vice president of Samsung Semiconductor who is heading the design plans on Samsung’s new US headquarters. Outdoor areas are also important to encourage people to mingle and collaborate.

With new spaces on the horizon we’re always inspired by the thought of loads of new members joining and growing our Areaworks community. We adapt each of our shared spaces so that they fit with the surrounding area, meaning each space will have its own identity. To book a viewing or find out more about our current our upcoming spaces contact us via the website – we’d love to show you around!

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