Why Coworking is Good for Your Mental Health

Using a coworking space comes with various benefits such as networking, accessibility as well as increased productivity. One aspect that is crucial to consider is the fact that a coworking space can also be hugely beneficial for a person’s mental and physical health.

Finding a better work-life balance

Whether you’re a freelancer or a business owner who works from home, you’re probably guilty of spending so much time at in one place; you eat, sleep and work in the same place, meaning you don’t get out much and as a result, work and life mesh into one. If you struggle to find a healthy balance between work and life, a coworking space could be just the place for you.

Coworking spaces create a community

To boost your mental health, it has been proven that keeping positive relationships going is hugely beneficial. Working in a space with others can easily help with that. Coworking spaces create a community and a sense of belonging which helps us nourish and foster relationships. Additionally, socialising within the community helps relieve stress and anxiety.

Coworking boosts productivity

Research studies have found that coworking has a positive impact on productivity. Most co-workers find that coworking helps them meet their assignment deadlines as well as improves their attention. A coworking environment not only helps your business but also helps you be more content with your job and job satisfaction has a direct link to positive mental health.

By helping others find a balance between work and life through social interaction and integration, coworking spaces like Areaworks can aid in reducing stress and burnout which in turn keep your mental wellbeing at a high. If you want to find your work-life balance, book a tour to view one of our spaces. Your dream work environment could be closer than you think. 


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