Why Hosting Your Event in a Coworking Space is Good for Your Business

Sick of spending an hour presenting your latest big product in a sweaty office? Or maybe you just don’t want to host your annual team charity fundraiser in the office staffroom, again.

Whatever your current event setup might be, what would you say if we told you we could make it better? We know how daunting hosting an event can be, and no matter how often you do it, those worries, and nerves never quite go away. But opting to throw an event from a coworking space could be just the change you need to help boost engagement and reduce anxieties.

If you’re looking for ways to boost staff morale and engage your audience, whilst reaping the benefits of a flexible and supportive community, consider these five benefits that hosting an event from a coworking office in London can offer.

Five reasons why you should host your next event in a coworking office

We get it, as a business owner you have enough on your plate without concerning yourself with where next month’s event will be hosted. The chances are you might just opt to hold it at your local community centre like last year, and the year before that…

But wait. Wouldn’t you rather host an event that your team would love to be a part of? An event that could reach an array of people whilst you benefited from experienced and skilled support? Yes? Then we think our coworking space may be just the thing you’re missing to create an event to remember.

  1. Get your business message across further than ever before

You work tirelessly to gain public recognition; late-night social media campaigns, weekend workshops and hours spent trying to network with relevant people. But what if we told you that you could have access to a wide range of people, all in-house? Coworking spaces are renowned for successful networking events and opportunities, and at Areaworks, we benefit from a diverse community from a vast range of industries.

If you decide to host an event from a coworking office, not only are you opening yourself up to other local businesses thanks to the built-in professional network (who knows what connections could be made), but you’re also simultaneously benefiting from free marketing! Yes, that’s right if you’re hosting an event from a coworking office, just ask and they will publicise the details, helping you reach a wider range of people.

Say goodbye to those long weeks and instead, make full use of the audience you have access to when hosting an event from a coworking office space.


  1. Say goodbye to being a “one-man” show

One of the biggest benefits of hosting an event from a coworking office is that you’re never left to your own devices (unless you want to be). Need a projector? Want to print off resources before the big day? We can be on hand to provide both administrative and technical support to help take the pressure off.

One of the most challenging aspects of running an event is making sure everything runs smoothly on the day, and sometimes this can be easier said than done. Our team is professional, experienced and on hand to fix any technical glitches or show you around the office so you know where to go when you need something.

It may not seem like it but trust us – this extra level of support that comes as part of the package of any good coworking office in London can really make all the difference.


  1. Did someone say tech?

Whatever industry you’re working in, there’s no escaping the technological rat race we are now in. Business moves fast these days, and without the highest tech, it can be hard to make an impact. At Areaworks, we already have some of the best facilities in place, from super-fast Wi-Fi to more printers than you can shake a stick at, speakers, projectors. Basically, we’re tech-mad!

If this sounds like your worst nightmare, don’t worry – we can help you with any technical issues or snags you have. Our amenities stretch far beyond great technology, with on-site caffeine whenever you or your team require a pep in your step, and an array of other great facilities to make your event run smoothly from start to finish.


  1. Get your creative juices flowing

Who doesn’t love a wave of creativity to blow away the cobwebs? When working from a coworking office you can benefit from the exposure to creatives from all walks of life.

Our coworking offices in London are purpose-built and designed to inspire. That means clever layout, emotive décor and smart lighting has been implemented to boost focus, concentration and most importantly – creativity.

If you’re stuck in a rut as to where to take your next social event, why not speak to our team? Like we said, our community is jam-packed with inspiring creatives who may be able to contribute some ideas. What we’re sure of is that our team will be able to help inspire you to think outside the box.


  1. The ultimate convenience

Going back to the start of today’s post, we talked about delivering key events in the discomfort of a tiny office, and we say that because we know from experience that this is an all too common occurrence. Our coworking spaces offer comfort, convenience and a laid-back environment which you can feel from the moment you step through our doors – so why not share that with your team?

There’s no getting away from the fact that work is tough, no matter how much you love your job – and when It comes to hosting an event the pressure can really pile on. By doing something as simple as hosting from a coworking office, you’re benefiting from all the elements of a creative and supportive network and doing so from the comfort of a modern office.

No more last-minute staff room events, you can bring your clients to one of our shared office spaces and blow them away with a creative and inspiring event.


Still unsure? Let us prove you wrong. . .

If you are still don’t think throwing an event from a coworking space is a good idea, why not let us prove you wrong? For an informal chat, get in touch with us – we would love to show you around and show you how hosting an event with us is a real game changer!

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