Why Students Love Coworking Spaces

4 students discussing in a coworking space

As the working world transitions out of pandemic mode, towards a ‘new normal’, students are finding themselves at a crossroad of choices.

Many have finished this academic year 100% online, and those who haven’t been totally online have still spent a significant portion of the year on laptops at home. The Zoom fatigue is real.

But it seems like, in the new normal, remote work and study will continue, for at least part of the time. This will look different for everyone, but the commonality we hear all the time is, ‘I can’t do this at home anymore!’

The jury is out on whether home-working improves productivity, and then there are the real and serious downsides to contend with. These will be familiar to all of us, especially to students, and include social isolation, boredom, and a decrease in innovative ideas.

So is there a way to optimise the possibilities of remote studying without succumbing to the negatives?

Coworking presents a great solution. Students and professionals alike can flexibly book a space that is clean and safe, and be part of our vibrant communities.

Here are the top 6 benefits of coworking for students

1. Easy access to a coworking space

If you’ve never heard of coworking spaces before, you’d be forgiven for thinking they sound ultra-futuristic and too good to be true. A workspace where you choose the time of day you want to go in. Access to a fully-fledged study zone at the click of a button. Like studying in an office, but a really cool office…

With long daytime opening hours, you choose the time of day that you turn up and leave, and can book where you want to study, whether that’s a single desk, a whole room, or a sofa. If you book a private office, it’ll be accessible 24 hours a day, though our other memberships run on our normal 9-6 hours.

Picture yourself coming in (our locations are always close to transport), working however many hours, and then going home and being free for the evening. You might actually be able to relax properly at home again, instead of having your work constantly judging you from the kitchen table.

2. Productivity up, distractions down

If within the last year, you’ve studied largely from home, then congrats. You’re in the same (leaky) boat as students all around the world. While the idea of attending lectures at home in your pyjamas sounded great in theory before Covid, a couple of months in and it had lost all its appeal.

Does the following scenario sound familiar? You started the week ambitiously getting up on time, getting dressed, and were ready to take notes before the lecture even started. By Friday (or realistically, Tuesday), you had lost the will to live. There was no way you could focus on another Zoom lecture with shaky sound and picture… after all, Netflix was right there, and much more exciting.

But now, with the end of Covid restrictions in sight, you want to rescue your degree and figure out how to get back productivity and focus, and you absolutely cannot do another day of staring at the walls at home. It’s time you consider coworking. It’s a real thing, and it’s exploding everywhere, especially after this past year.

Coworking provides a structured yet flexible study environment, where you come in, do your thing, maybe have a chat and a coffee, but vitally, Netflix stays at home, and you’re surrounded by awesome, hard-working people who bring out the best in you.

3. Coworking benefits for students: flexibility and affordability

We know that the budget is usually tight for students. That’s why we think our flexibility in booking spaces matches so well with student needs. For example, the Day Desk option at our locations is paid for a day at a time, so no worries about an ongoing membership for something you might only need for 1 or 2 days a month. And our other memberships, which come with access to all our amenities (free tea and coffee!) also offer fab coworking spaces for students, all for the cost of what you might spend on a couple of nights out. Worth it? The rising popularity of coworking spaces for students speaks for itself.

4. Coworking brings motivation for students

You really cannot overstate the motivation that comes from being around other driven people. Working at home, with only yourself to fall back on, anybody would struggle. But maybe a tech founder is sitting opposite you, or an architect? Inspiration and motivation from other people is contagious – we’ve all learnt that the hard way recently – and nothing says success like being around successful people.

But can you study in a coworking space? Absolutely. And because our members tend to be the type of people who are self-motivated, open-minded and curious, they are always happy to be working alongside students who are using coworking spaces for e-learning.

5. Use coworking to network

One of the most widely-reported benefits that people love about coworking spaces is the serendipity of who you might bump into. Whether it’s a fellow student, the founder of a cool new startup, or just a friendly interaction which sparks a conversation about life goals, the best thing about coworking spaces for students has got to be the community of members.

Unlike being on campus or being at home, you’re not just surrounded by other students in the same phase of life (or your cat). A mix of industries in the same flexible workspace, coworking provides countless opportunities for casual interaction and chance meetings, one of the aspects of life most sorely missed this past year. And for students, these meetings can be the spark to putting you on the right path for your career.

6. Coworking for students is job training for the future

It turns out one of the surprisingly brilliant benefits of coworking for students is that it gives you training for the future. It’s obvious that a lecture hall is nothing like the working world, and libraries can be great for silent study, but don’t encourage collaboration or serendipitous meetings.

What better way to get prepared for the working world than by actually studying alongside students and professionals from different industries?

Whether you want to jump headfirst into a creative startup or aim for the corporate world, learning professional habits in a relaxed environment will give you a competitive edge over your classmates. Office banter? No problem.

So, what are you waiting for?

Coworking space for students has been one of the fun, unexpected things to come out of the pandemic that genuinely works, and will continue to benefit students even after the pandemic.

If you’re interested, please reach out to us and we’ll get in touch with you. Even if you have any questions, please feel free to shoot them across to us.

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