Why We Love Plants

We always knew we wanted to create open coworking spaces full of ideas, creativity and free thinking.

Now, luckily for us our spaces are choca blocked with history and home to a community filled with local talent! The spaces we’ve created are here to support, inspire, and celebrate this talent. We’ve hand-picked vintage finds sympathetic to the building’s history (with a few smidges of our own personality thrown in, of course)!

We’ve made it no secret, we love plants. That’s why you’ll find more than a few varieties of our green friends dotted around our coworking spaces. Aside from looking great, our beloved plants serve a much more important role. They ensure that our coworking spaces exude positivity and calmness, key for a happy, productive coworking community.

Plants have magical properties. It’s a fact (well, we think so anyway). That’s why scientists have spent years researching them! Research has proven that incorporating plants into urban areas has amazing benefits. Plants have been proven to improve our sense of well-being, happiness and health.

The positive affect of plants is twofold. First of all, plants are natural filters. This is ideal for us Londoners as it’s no secret that fresh air in “the big smoke” is hard to come by. Along with smoggy air, the objects we surround ourselves with every day give off pollutants. Everything from carpets and laptops to your favourite hoody, give off teeny tiny pollutants that we breath in. The more plants we surround ourselves with the more of these nasty pollutants are filtered and converted back into nice clean air.

Still on the fence? Well, the first list of air-filtering plants was compiled by NASA as part of a clean air study published in 1989, which researched ways to clean the air in space stations. As well as absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, like all plants do, these plants also eliminate significant amounts of benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.

This is great news for us, but even better news for our planet! Every single person on earth leaves a carbon footprint on the environment. Adding plants to our coworking spaces reduces the carbon footprint we leave on the local community.

Secondly, plants are proven to have humungous wellbeing benefits. Adding plants into work spaces reduces stress and fatigue, improves cognitive thinking and increases our positivity and productivity. Plants have also been proven to lower background noise. A study at South Bank University showed that some plants are particularly good at absorbing high frequencies.

That’s why plants are so important in our coworking spaces. They help create a welcoming and encouraging environment where local people and businesses can come along to discuss ideas and share experiences and knowledge. We know it’s easy to become distracted at work, so we aim to fill our spaces with as many plants as possible to keep your days as productive as possible!

Okay, so now you know why plants are so important to us and our space – we’re sure you can see why we love them so much! They help create a welcoming and encouraging environment for our coworking community.

We’re growing (along with our plants) which is why they are also very prevalent in our second coworking space in Hackney. We’re working on creating spaces for you and the community. So, come have a snoop around our spaces and admire our plants. You can book a tour for any of our spaces here. And keep your eyes peeled for exciting things to come – we will soon have many more plants in many more spaces. Watch this space! 


About Areaworks

Areaworks is a provider of open supportive coworking office spaces in accessible areas throughout London. We don’t believe in stuffy central locations, long commutes, impersonal and uptight environments. We believe there’s a better way of working, and we’re here to make it happen: in our areas, with our areas. We believe in opening up communities that inspire progress and open up opportunities. We offer complete turnkey work place solutions for start-ups, creatives, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. We design our desk coworking to feel open, to encourage collaboration and productivity, to inspire you to think differently. Areaworks currently has two coworking spaces in prime London locations. If you are looking for a coworking space in London, which provides you with the environment and opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals, then we have the perfect place for you.

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