Working From Home stressing you out? We might have the answer…

Work from Home or WFH as it’s now more commonly known; an acronym that’s been bandied around a lot this year.

Ah, that peculiar phrase that will forever be associated with 2020, the year of the pandemic. Other years might be remembered for a song, for fidget spinners, cabbage patch dolls or that haircut, but this year, we get a three-letter acronym.

For many, the WFH phenomena has caused enormous upheaval, from re-organising the home to re-organising the wardrobe – and locking the fridge. For others, (fist bump to all the freelancers out there) it’s meant little change from the usual (disciplined routine), other than the fact working from a coffee shop has pretty much gone out the window for now.

WFH shouldn’t literally mean that you have to actually work from home (as for so many, this isn’t feasible). We prefer the term remote working – as in, you can work anywhere, remotely! And this is where coworking comes to the fore as the perfect solution!

Embrace the freedom

For many, escaping the office doesn’t decrease productivity, and it can actually increase it; so let’s embrace it!

And this isn’t a new phenomenon! In findings from the International Workplace Group, 85% of businesses confirmed productivity has increased because of greater flexibility. According to another remote work survey from Indeed, half of the people surveyed said WFH reduced their sick days, leading to a healthier work environment.

However, on the flip side, the onset of the pandemic and this newfound freedom has led to some very lonely workers, with many people dealing with mental health issues due to lack of social contact. In a recent report from, 28% of people surveyed suffered from loneliness and anxiety caused by separation from colleagues and 83% reporting that they get stressed trying to cope with juggling home and work life.

Coworking spaces can provide the perfect balance for people who are struggling to WFH but cannot go back to their usual office space. We can only vouch for ourselves, but our Areaworks coworking spaces are now available, open and safe. There might be a bit more distance between you and others using the space, and you might not be able to do your usual morning round of high fives, but coworking is alive and well, and might be the best solution for you!

Don’t be constrained by WFH – remote working is a new way forward.

Love the office?

Some people really love the office. There are those who don’t mind the commute, spending their weekends planning their office attire and look forward to their weekly work lunches amongst many other things!

Then there are those who enjoy working from home. Sitting around in your PJs all day. Playing with the cat. Eating anything and everything from your fridge. All the joys of freelancing have now been exposed to the wider population. Yes, it can get lonely. Yes, it can get boring, but there are some advantages, right?

The pandemic has thrown a (necessary and perhaps even overdue?) spanner in the traditional office model, with forward-thinking companies like Facebook, Twitter and Shopify realising they don’t have to herd staff into the office to get good work out of them.

So, given we have carte blanche to enjoy remote working easily, now is the time to look into coworking. You might not know how flexible coworking can be – you don’t have to sign up to be there every day, and many locations have long opening hours. Plan your week around your work schedule and coworking can be extremely affordable – reducing the cost and wasted time of commuting, for instance. At Areaworks, we’re friendly, open to your needs and suggestions and happy to work out a package that suits you – whether it’s a desk for an hour or a private office for the long-term.

Cancel office culture

The same year that saw the rise of cancel culture has perhaps also given rise to the cancelling of office culture.

Many other firms have no plans to bring staff back in-office until a vague date in 2021, so what can we do? Caught between trying to work from home while balancing all the other aspects of uncertainty in our lives is a bit of a tightrope right now.

Working from home can be stressful and difficult, never mind the temptation of a post-lunch nap and the need to put a lock on the fridge door!

Ease the stress of working from home with a day away from home – it’s that simple! You can have so many of the benefits of WFH, but get the office vibe, some (socially distant) social contact and a much-needed change of scenery. Grab a desk and spend some quality time with your eyes on the screen rather than the washing, the cat, that broken cupboard…

An idea coming of age

Missing the office environment? Try a coworking space. Can’t concentrate at home? Too many distractions? Try coworking. Ropey internet speeds at home? Try co-working. You get the idea!

If you’re reading this, we’re probably already talking to the at least partially converted, but with the closure of so many offices, some permanently, and the loss of ‘office life’, we believe coworking is an idea that matters more than ever!

While more and more companies are seeing a number of advantages of allowing greater flexibility and for staff to work where and when they like, this is the era of remote working. And we salute the new era, so why not embrace the new normal by adding coworking to your weekly routine? Book a tour of any of our Areaworks spaces and see just how great coworking could be for you.

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